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  1. Badbrad469

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    actually purchased my first non-american vehicle, even though it was built here. got a good deal on a 2007 tundra. loaded, crewmax, 5.7, leather, premium stereo, buckets etc. basically every option but 4wd, nav and backup sensors. there was nothing wrong with my silvy but this was a good deal and i wanted a bigger truck. i've always liked the way the new tundras were since they came out. i can post pics if y'all would like to see lol
  2. ChromeSilver02

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    congrats on the "new" truck, I think the inside looks pretty good in them, but I was never really a fan on how they look, kind of looks like a catfish up front lol. But hope you enjoy it :money:
  3. Badbrad469

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    well, the first thing that attracted me to them was the engine. then the room in the back seat of the crewmax. next was the fact that the entire back window rolls down. as i did more research on them, it just seemed like a really nice truck. i'm very pleased with it so far. the only thing i have to get used to is that the gas pedal is REALLY sensitive!
  4. ChromeSilver02

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    Sound like you should have gone with a Bronco... 5.8L, roll down back window :lol:
  5. tbplus10

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    Congrats on the new truck.
    The Tundra Crew Max is a decent truck, a good friend of mine is a rep for Toyota and through him I've had quite a few chances to drive Tundras.
  6. Badbrad469

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    oh yea, i can already tell she loves gas. i've driven 210 miles since last night and only have half a tank left. granted, i've also been "testing it out". i was raised around loud stereos all my life and this factory radio blew my mind. the quality of the jbl system is amazing. i couldn't even turn it all the way up before my ears started hurting. my favorite story growing up was my mom telling me that when they brought me home from the hospital(birth), my dad had my crib between his big stereo speakers, he put me in there, cranked it up and said "he's gonna get used to it now". well, she said i fell right asleep. to this day, anything that's really loud like going to the monster truck shows, i will fall asleep in no time lol.
  7. Caddiac

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    Well, my dad use to say "If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all".
  8. phoebeisis

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    Toyotas are generally pretty reliable-I owned a pile of them-still own one- a Prius.
    I owned a 2001 Tundra- 4.8. It was a reliable truck-decent acceleration etc.
    The only downside is it didn't get great mpg- with an EXTREMELY LIGHT FOOT-55-60 MPH- my all highway commute never got better than 18 mpg.
    My 1998 Suburban gets 21 mpg in that type driving.

    I think the 6 speed 5.7 gets better mpg than the 4 speed 4.8-despite being maybe 500 lbs heavier.
    It a nice truck- you'll like it.If you were going to run it until it turns to dust(200,000 miles 12-20 years)-GMs are a bit better since they are cheaper to repair-easier to find parts for. But for normal folks- keep it 5-6 years 150,000 miles- it will work out fine.
    My Toyotas were all winners reliability wise.
  9. Badbrad469

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    well, i found out a fix to the really sensitive gas pedal this afternoon. the factory gas pedal(the one with the recall) is becomes really sensitive when they "fix it". the fix consisted of cutting off the bottom of the pedal. they offer a completed pedal assembly that comes shortened already. the "spring rate" on the pedal is completely different and from what i've read, makes the pedal feel like it should. believe it or not, it's only 30 bucks from the dealer! but, when i called them, they're actually gonna replace it for free for me. so we'll find out on tuesday when it comes in.

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    here are some pics:

  10. Enkeiavalanche

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    If you wanted a Pickup with the rear window that comes out should have gotten a Avalanche....:great:

    But I have to say they are Great trucks.. A friend of mine has a T-100 that now has over 340K on it. I use it when ever my truck is in for something..The new ones have had problems with the rears and Trans so keep an eye on them...

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