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  1. coryv71

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    In your guys opinion what is the best type of tire for sandy soil type roads. I am a member of a hunting club in southern AL and some sections of the property have very sandy roads. I currently have BFG all terrains.
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    BFG's are good. I use terragrapplers by nitto in the desert. I hunt the crap out of animals all over the desert and have no problems.
  4. tbplus10

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    The best tire would be a wide non-aggressive tread that doesnt mind airing down real low. Problem is that type tire wouldnt be very useful in other off road areas.
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    Tires make a difference in sand but AIRING DOWN air pressure IS THE MOST important factor as to not getting stuck in sand. The BFG All Terrain is a very good tire for sand. Are you having trouble and getting stuck? Then You need to air down. Beach (easy coast) driving requires tires at 15 psi as a standard. But that is for VERY difficult sand to drive on, which is Sugar Sand. If you are driving in semi-sandy gravel terrain 20 psi would be a good start IF you are having troubles. If you aren't getting stuck then continue to run at your normal highway PSI. When you get stuck immediately air down to 20 PSI. You can pick up a tire inflator for around $50. And a digital tire pressure gauge for $10. Army surplus store folding shovel for a few bucks. 12X12" wood board for your jack. Recovery strap $25.
    Here's a good tire inflator, you can also find it in stores. Slime COMP06 Pro Power Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator: Automotive

    IF you ever start to get stuck in sand don't gun it. You will not get out of sand that way you will get buried. AS SOON AS your tires spin, STOP, get out, air down to 20PSI and dig and clear away the sand. Back out into your old tracks. If you are still spinning go to 15 PSI. Try 15. If 15 doesn't work drop in 2 psi increments.
    FATTER tires with a less aggressive tread work best. The BFG's are a good tire for sand. You DO NOT want a mud terrain for sand.

    These websites have good info on sand driving.

    Here is a sand tire but is not good for much else. Bad in rain, snow, ice, mud etc but designed for sand.

    It's a poser tire for 20 something kids but it does work in sand. I'd stay with the BFG's.
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    I'll second this, I have seen videos of these things in action on stock trucks, or ones with leveling kits and they are phenomenal. Airing down is the biggest things though, that and momentum
  8. unplugged

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    Off road tire recommendation

    I'm a big fan of the Goodrich KO's. Go with the KM's if you want a more aggressive tread. The only drawback with the Goodrich's is they are not the best for puncture resistance. (All the more reason to carry a plug kit)

    I am currently running a set of the new Goodyear MT/R with Kevlar. Great tire traction in the sandy stuff and tuff as nails. I only air down if I get stuck, or if I know a stretch of trail requires it. The draw back is that they are noisy on the highway.

    Sidewalls take a beating off road and the MT/R's can handle the tough stuff. Check this pic out:
  9. ahm1127

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    BFG A/T work great in sand, I used 20-25 in sand on LI, NY with Bronco, Yukon & XJ.
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    Thanks for the info fellas. I haven't got stuck yet but came close once deer hunting this season. I like my BFG ATs and i thought it wouldn't make much sense to buy different tires for just part of the land when the rest of roads are mostly dirt. I'll try airing down the next time i go to that spot.

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