Sat Radio -love it or Hate it? Customer service??? Please READ!!!--=

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Enkeiavalanche, May 31, 2013.

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    Unfortunately, the comedy channels do not have a lot of base content to go off of. There's only so many comedians out there that produce content, and an even smaller fraction that are willing to license their content to be aired by Sirius. So, you get a lot of repetition. The music-only channels and of course talk radio have a pretty good selection of content to listen to. You do hear the same songs if you listen several hours a day because they play what's currently popular, but it's the same way with terrestrial radio, and Sirius has a larger library of content to go off of.
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    Right I noticed that -repeats-in just the few days we listen to it-trips.

    But like I said-late at night I usually tune in one of those goofy channels-the ones crazy space alien abductees call into-Nouri/ maybe is the host's name??
    He isn't a nut-but the call in folks have some odd ideas-very entertaining
    I listen to sports radio Mike and Mike etc
    But in june july it will be slim pickings- mid season baseball not too great if you don't care about the teams
    Nascar entertaining-but mid season not as entertaining as when they are fighting for the chase positions

    Pikey-I am a cheapskate and $14 is better than $28- but safe bet this time I would get stuck with a ESL call center person.
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    I wish I had seen this a week ago, I just re-newed mine online for the 9.99 a month semi-annual plan. Funny thing was they only gave me 5 months for around 54 something and change. Yeah I will say their customer service sucks and the reps. do not know English. I chatted with one through the website and could not get a simple answer on why a semi-annual plan is only 5 months long. I asked that exact question and I got "would you like me to activate your radio now" ugghhh. Needless to say I was quite negative on the survey I was asked to fill out after my question never got answered. So come Nov. 1st (5 months from now) im cancelling unless I get a $50 one year deal.
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    Call them back and tell them you want to Cancel!!! Unless they lower it to $25.00 for 6 months. I met Carrol Miller the other day and had a great Chat with her She is a Very well known DJ on Sirius and in the US and NYC I talked to her about the OVER Playing of Music and she told me It's the Programers.. Photo-0288.jpg DSCF1691.jpg DSCF0120.jpg
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    I love the service, but hate the way they do business. As [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION] pointed out, they cannot combine accounts between Sirius and XM. My wife had Sirius and bought the speaker to use at the house, but then cancelled her account for the car. Since I have XM in the truck I thought we could add the home dock to my account, but no go. I also considered getting a satellite radio for the boat, but am not about to setup an account with Sirius and pay full price for both.
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    Well I do have to say I have 1 portable unit that goes everywhere I want it My truck hard wired to a input The truck I drive down to MD I mount a RF unit in and in the house I have a cradle hooked up
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    Again, I also love the service.

    unlike paid TV, I actually listened to a good percentage of different stations on satellite. Sometimes comedy, sometimes news, sometimes sports, sometimes talk radio, sometimes 80s, sometimes 90s...

    so the variety of different types of music is pretty interesting. I also got hit hard with one of their bills for $100more than I thought it should be for 6 months, but I called in and play that little game and a lowered it and gave me some extra stuff.
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    My Roady works EVERYWHERE-one price
    I just hook it up to the Suburban using the fake cassette to "capture" my vehicle "sound system"
    and hook it up to a boom box-which has a white and a red female plug-so its sound can be captured
    Have separate aerials and separate power cords- but otherwise plug and play

    Carrol Miller ??-UP ALL NIGHT(the book in picture) -isn't that the Nouri (George??) show with the people who have been captured by space aliens??
    Love that show late at night!!
    She Carrol is wasted on radio-she has a TV ready face?? Never heard of her-but I'll dial her in this time?
    Will I get her on my XM DELPHI ROADY??
    Is that you-Avalanche?? Bet your wife didn't like that picture??
    Charlie PS She is wasted on radio!!
  9. Enkeiavalanche

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    I had XM a long time before the SiriusXM merger, which I cannot believe the FCC allowed...not like its a monopoly or anything. Loved the fact you could travel cross country and rarely have an interruption. I liked XM's lineup, they played what I actually listened to at the time.

    Once the merger happened, Sirius jacked around the channels without warning, cancelled almost all of the XM channels for the Sirius counterparts. Sirius was supposed to freeze all the current XM subscribers accounts and keep them at their going rate for a year as part of the merger agreement...within the first month they jacked my rate up on all three of my XM units...however, a buddy of mine had Sirius, had only had it a short time before the merger, and his bill remained the same (which was lower than what they were trying to charge me). I called about the increase, they stated that because I had multiple receivers they COULD in fact charge me a higher rate per unit...I went through a batch of people (including "supervisors"), which did no good. I finally got fed up and said "cancel it"...the response? "Why would you want to do that?" Really? Were you part of this conversation?

    They continued to try to bill me for almost a year afterwards...I wrote cancelled subscription on the bill and called several times. Each time I was assured it had "been taken care of". I wouldn't have a satellite receiver/subscription if it was free...I don't care if it was the last radio on the planet.

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