satellite radio-ready in-dash stereo

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by lemonyx, Oct 5, 2012.

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    Ours, 2006 Crew Cab 1500 all stock, daily driver for P/T business (build acrylic fish tanks and anything in acrylic) and vacation's. Son-in law suggested getting a visor mount Satellite receiver w/the magnetic antenna. It sucks like a leaking intake manifold. Been looking for something better like a in-dash satellite radio-ready stereo for the dash. Doesn't have to have GPS as we already have a Garmin unit. USB would be nice to plug in a thumb drive for carry along tunes.

    Anyone using something like this or you have to use the Sirus/XM adapter with the special antenna between your stock unit and the Sirus/XM receiver?

    Haven't seen too many out there that will fit the stock opening

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    You can get a good Kenwood,Pioneer,or JVC that is Sat ready for about $80-129.00 The Sat tuner about 80-100 and some of those radios might even have Aux inputs,USB and HD radio built in..You will need a kit for your truck and the right Adp's.. The whole thing should not cost you more then $400.00

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