Savana Stalling out - tried everything

Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by Tomnibus, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. silverado002

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    Yes you can live however you want but just to let you know there is a tool to pull spark plug wires that are stuck. Its a spark plug boot puller and should be available at the local autos parts store in case you have a need in the future. Now there are some vehicles that don't have enough room for one of those so judge accordingly. Since you've had 2 coils go bad be on the look out for others that may fail also. Good that you got it figured out.
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    i forgot to mention the spark plug tool 002! I dont have one but have had times that I wish I did.

    hey Tom the way you say it got better as you accelerated is probably due to burning the crap out of the cylinder and off the plug. I'd think your good to go for now but next time you need to pull a plug get a spark plug tool and you shouldnt break any wires.


  3. Tomnibus

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    I am about to push this thing off a cliff.

    Driving tonight, Check engine blinking! Check the code: P308: Cylinder 8 misfire.... that's the pack I replaced! Oh, and I noticed the engine shaking again.

    So, what now? It's the spark plug in there? The wire? What else do I check? the wire leading to the coil pack?

    The wires were warranty replaced in June 2015 so I guess I can get a new set for nothing. I suppose I can return that coil pack since the old one must have been working just fine.

    The amound of anger I feel right now is unbelievable. And it's going to be 6 degrees tomorrow trying to work on this stupid thing.
  4. silverado002

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    AH. You must have touched something that temporarily fixed the problem. Go back and inspect the wire at the coil pack and injector wire harness very carefully. If it is still malfunctioning then move the wires around carefully and see if it starts working again. I had a similar problem and found a injector connector wire that was not crimped properly and eventually was broken down to a single strand of wire. I had misses on cylinder 3 and lessor so on 1. When I moved the wires around the problem temporarily cleared but came back shortly after.
  5. Marty96GMC

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    just a thought the electric grease is a great ideal but also they make a spark plug wire puller maybe pretty easy.
    Whens the last time and what type of plugs do you use?
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  6. Marty96GMC

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    i would check start with stuff you have not changed yet but yes wire from coil for sure look at

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