Saw this ol beast in town!!!

Discussion in 'Medium-duty Truck Forum' started by 66 chevyman, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. 66 chevyman

    66 chevyman Member 100 Posts

    1965 GMC Fire Engine! Probably has either a 351E or 401 V6. One heck of a beastly looking thing!

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  2. zuki82

    zuki82 Member 1 Year 100 Posts

    You didn't go and get some up-close pics!?!?!?!? :eek:
  3. McClintoc

    McClintoc ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ Staff Member 2 Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Awesome find. I wonder if it is still functional?
  4. 66 chevyman

    66 chevyman Member 100 Posts

    It looked fully functional to me. I was with my Mom and she didn't want to stop(Typical gal thing?) lol So these had to do...I'm hoping to scout the guy out and learn some more about this thing.

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