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    Not sure if this is a good section to post this thread, but im curious about the Scottsdale badge. I know Chevy has there little names they give certain trucks like the Scottsdale, Silverado, Z71 and so on. I have been curious to know what exactly the Scottsdale classification might mean? It seemed to me that the truck had a higher stock ride height than most other suburbans around town, but other than that there really seems to be nothing special about the truck. About the only "option" that this truck was bought with seems to be the electric rear window, other than that its pretty plain jane. Any insight would be awesome.
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    I did some research and came up with THIS. From what I see, the Scottsdale is another trim package offered for the older GM trucks.
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    Very interesting information indeed. It seems however that somewhere along the line somebody updated the interior because when it got the truck it had a headliner and vinyl bench seat. It doesn't surprise me that somebody could have changed things, because i ripped out the vinyl seat and replaced it with buckets and a console. Also the headliner was falling down so i ripped it out. Now i feel kinda jaded cus i always thought that the scottsdale bage was a badge of honor, now i see that it just tells me that im one step above the bottom of the line LOL .

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