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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by dsquared, May 25, 2010.

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    I have used Sea Foam in the past by inducing it thru the brake booster vacuum hose with mixed results. Is there any harm to suck in the Sea Foam directly thru the intake hose downstream of the mass flow sensor, maybe thru the hose going into the valve cover. I'm thinking this might help clean out the throttle plate and other intake areas that don't get coated via the brake booster hose. Any concerns ?
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    On my model the brake vacuum line connection is over the #3 cylinder. I noticed it atfer I did it that way. It helped a little. I had to pour a bottle down my TBI half down on side half down the other.Then ran a bottle in the gas tank. It worked great better starts,idle,even the mgp picked up a few 10ths.
    I did have to reset the computer cuz it went waco, And I let it set a 2 hours. I cant see what it would hurt sucking it in were ever you can.That might be the best way. I would get a bottle in the tank too.
    Good Luck..
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    Go to there website, theres a video on how to do that. They have a can of seafoam with a tube to install just in front of the throttle body.
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    seafoam use

    I forgot to mention in my last post that 3M makes a kit part # 8963 that has a throttle body cleaner, intake manifold cleaner and a fuel tank additive , cost about $50.00. I use it once a year in all my trucks, just BEFORE I do an oil change so I dont contaminate my new oil.
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    or, you can buy a can of seafoam that's compressed in an aerosol can. It's called Deep Creep. Just spray it and away it goes!
  6. 2COR517

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    I have the best luck with SeaFoam pouring it in the throttle body. The Vortecs have a small hole in the throttle plate. When the SF goes in that hole, it gets sucked through very quickly which helps to atomize it better. I also pour some down the Idle Air port, works just as well.

    I put the SF in, shut the truck down for a couple hours. Then take it for a ride and open it up a few times.

    BTW, you want to start with a hot motor.

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