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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by countryboy73703, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. countryboy73703

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    alright sorry this is going to be quick and short, in a rush, so I don't have a vacuum hose that goes to my booster... so I put some in a spray bottle, and sprayed it in my intake while it was running, and there's a vacuum hose that goes from the intake to the motor, and poor some in... how ever, after letting it sit for 30 min. or so.... no white smoke like everybody talks about... whats going on, I feel like I didn't get enough in there for it to do anything helpful really.. thank in advance.. '98 5.7 vortech
  2. countryboy73703

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    ok so I used the seafoam thru the booster vacuum hose... and it was doing good... blowing out smoke as a was pooring.. then I poored too much and stalled it out.. and now it won't start.. got some starter fluid and had my wife turn the key and push the pedal down and with me constantly spraying as she's doing that is the only way it will run.... it's almost like it's not getting any fuel.. how ever.. it's not running... help!
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    I'd pull the spark plugs and look at them, they may need to be cleaned.
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    well I just recently changed them, but I'll try that now.. it's almost 7 in the morning, and I gotta get her running.. I"ll get back to you...
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    update... well I cleaned the plugs... they were pretty covered, but didn't work, cleaned the mass air flow sensor, and intake manifold.... nothing.. so I started thinking since it would run on constant spraying starter fluid, maybe it's on the fuel side.... sure as hell... I don't hear my fuel pump kicking on anymore... SO... pulled the relay, and cleaned the lead and put it back in, and I can hear the relay tick to turn on the pump, but it's still not coming on, so I'm going to replace the relay just to make sure, and if thats not that problem, then looks like my saturday is going to be spent replacing the fuel pump... and trust me, I'm not excited about it.

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    well.. fuel pump relay is good... which mean it's prob. the pump it's self.... not to excited... anybody done this job before... I don't think it's too bad, just more or less time consuming if I"m not mistakin... and advice or tips would be great..
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    You have the time consuming part right but it really isnt to bad it took me just over an hour and a half on my 2000 S-10 blazer just be sure you try to siphon out some of the fuel if you have a full tank. And on the last chevy truck that i did honestly i juts cut a hole in the box floor since i was sick and tired of dropping the tank,
  7. countryboy73703

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    I got're done... fuel pump was deffinently the problem, but it looked like it was the one that manufactured, that and I had to wire in a the new harness, so I"m not complaining, that one lasted for about 150,000 so... el well.. prob going to be selling it soon though however...I feel like a sinner, but I'm really liking the 04-06 F150's.. we'll see how it goes though... always will be a fan of chevy though!
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    Glad to hear all is well, and im with you on the 04-08 (all the same body style) F-150s... But Chevies are still my top truck..

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