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  1. sharpshooterusmc

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    i wanted to run seafoam through my 01 2500HD but it has hydroboost brakes. all i can find to do it this way is to run it through the pcv valve. do the newer vortecs have a pcv and where is it
  2. xjoedx

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    on mine its on the back, driver's side corner of the engine. Has a hose running into it, obviously, that basically covers the valve so its hard to see
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    Check your previous post on the 24th. I researched some more and found that the pcv only feeds the back two cylinders.

    There is a Seafoam Spray that comes with a tube so you can go in through the trottle body and spray the plenum interior. Seafoam has a section on their site that addresses the Vortec.

    Good luck,
  4. sharpshooterusmc

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    thx man, i appriciate it

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