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    I have a 98 k1500 with 113,000 miles on it, I have heard the hype about this stuff watched it on youtube on how to use it saw the people starting there trucks and they smoked like crazy... So i bought some today tried it in my truck put a whole can of it in my gastank, opened the hood poured 1/2 of another can into the oil fill tube and started up the truck and removed the brake booster vacuum hose inserted my funnel and continued to pour 2/3 of the leftover half ihad left extremely slow as to not stall the motor, and then i poured the last 1/3 in fast to stall the motor just like everyone said to do.. Well I let it sit about 15 minutes started up the truck and the sucker hardly smoked I guess i woul dlike to know is this normal,lol. cause the trucks on youtube smoked wildly....
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    They let is sit for 1-2 hours usually.. and you will want to pour a bit faster with the motor idled up... Also your motor might not have to much carbon as well since my 1988 with a newer motor didnt smoke that much either.
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    It really depends on the fuel you use and how well you maintain you fuel filtering and air filtering systems. If you use quality fuel then you won't have a lot of carbon build up. If you don't have a clean delivery system then that will cause build up too. The smoke coming out of the trucks is the carbon build up being burnt off.

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