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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Bamf, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Bamf

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    Hey guys and gals,
    I have an 08 1500 Texas edition and a bit of a problem. My little brother was drunk in the back seat and thought it would be funny to pull the seat belt around my neck. When this happend, the tensioner would not release the strap. Should I have the dealership do this or is there a way to just release that spool. I tried to pull up the patent on it, but it wanted me to sign up or something. Thanks for the help

  2. TrailLeadr

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    The mechanism is designed in such a way that if the belt is pulled out to it's farthest point it will retract in a locked state. Once the belt is retracted to about 90-95% the lock releases and should free spool again.

    If it's not doing this then you should have the belt serviced, or replaced.
  3. Bamf

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    Thanks, the belt is so tight around the seat now I can't move it at all. Service center here I come
  4. mmorgan1865

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    Give your little brother the bill. :glasses:
  5. TrailLeadr

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    You should be able to recline the seat a little and get some slack. If not then if it's around the head rest, you could lift the headrest which should allow a little slack as the belt drops onto the bars. If that is still no good and, again if it's around the headrest you can remove the headrest. A paperclip that is straightened out will release the lock on the headrest bars. When you view the base of the headrest bars you should see a small plastic piece with a hole in one side.

    Raise the headrest all the way up, then press the paperclip into the hole to release the lock. While pressing the clip in, continue pulling the headrest up until it's removed from the seat.

    If the belt is wrapped around the seat, and the above doesn't help you can remove your seat by removing the front bolts first. This may give you some wiggle room to get the belt up, if not remove the back bolts, and lay the seat back. At this point you should be able to retract the belt fully.
  6. TrailLeadr

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    Just curious how you made out with this.

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