Seat Conversion from 2004 to 2002

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  1. ameerica

    ameerica New Member

    Hey there guys, I am brand new to this site, and so far I love it! so many nice people and great advice.

    Here is my problem. My mother is buying an 08 Tahoe and selling her 2004 Burban... i love the seats in her rig and want to swap them with the ones from my 2002 Silverado. They are two very different seats, but the bolt patten should be the same. Before i swap them out i know i am going to have a hard time with the heated part of the seats. I need some help or advise with how to convert the harness on the two.

    The seats in the 02 are ONE mode (back and butt part conjoined) seats with only HI/LO option. The seats in the 04 are two way heated (separate button for butt and back) AND the seats also have a side airbag (which will be disabled when i do the swap)

    ANY information would be amazing, wiring diagrams, pictures, anything.
    THANK you guys so much.
  2. collinsperformance

    collinsperformance Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    most of the seats are self contained so they want a good chassis or battery ground and a ignition hot or a constant hot (your choice). there is a great power tap on the firewall if you need or want a constant hot line....mike
  3. ameerica

    ameerica New Member

    What do you mean by self contained?? Are you saying I should cut the line coming from the door panel, run a constant to it, then run it back to the seat.?

    I am also confused about a power tap.? what does that mean? i think you are trying to say that i can get power if i run a line to through the firewall to the batter.

    do you happen to have any wiring diagrams or know if the seats will swap easily???

    p.s. thanks for replying so fast.
  4. collinsperformance

    collinsperformance Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    sorry no diagrams. but look at the seats and see how many wires are going to the seats you want to install and look at your current set of seats. if there is just a hot and ground you can just swap the seats and most likly have no issues. if there is more or less wires you will need to see where they go and see what you need to do. if there was no power to your current seats then a good place to get power is the power tap on the firewall on the pass side.
    here is what i mean

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