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    First off,I am new here and I tried the search function, but I couldn't find anything. I am sorry if this is a dead horse.

    I have a 99 model OBS 2 door Tahoe. My driver seat is torn up pretty bad, and I would like to replace it. I thought about getting seat covers, but I think I can get out a little cheaper just replacing the seat. It is grey leather and all power. If I can't find a matching seat, I will go with some from a different model vehicle and just replace both front seats (pass side has electric lumbar). Can you guys help me figure out what seats will also fit my truck? Also, I have heard that NBS seats will fit, but I would have 2 seat belts and I a don't know how hard it would be to wire the power seats up.

    Can tou guys please help me? Thanks, Jake.



    TYMBOM Former Member

    I'd just do, and did :) Katzkin covers and love them. Off topic, is that your power and remote run underneath your center console and going back??

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