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    Hello, me and some of my friends are thinking about taking our senior trip somewhere out west like colorado, montana, or wyoming. we were thinking about staying in some sort of dude ranch or larger cabing. there will be about 15 of us. we want to fly fish, hike, mountain bike, whitewater raft, and go on a jeep trail. does anyone have anywhere that they would recommend staying?
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    Well its not that much out west, hell its just a state over, in Flippin, Arkansas (I swear that is the name of the town) there are some guide services for fly fishing and such. PLUS up that way there should be some white water and some nice water to canoe down. When I was 7 we canoed down the Buffalo, had some rapids and had alot of fun jumping off the cliffs and into the water and it being the Ozarks, well there should be Jeep trails and hiking trails too.

    Can't say much for CO and WY but we drove through Montana in September-October and passed up ALOT of signs advertising what you're looking for. Its one hell of a drive though took us 3 days to get from Montana to Louisiana on 16 hours of driving a day.

    BUT it being your senior trip (mine was 2 years ago in Panama City) I'd say make it memorable.

    I know [MENTION=32967]jimm[/MENTION]eh is from Montana, send him a PM and ask if he knows somewhere like that.

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