Service intervals - oil changes especially.

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    Not sure it is all that big of a deal if someone wants to change their oil more frequently. They are not wasting resources, unless they are dumping oil on the ground. All oil is recycled. Many company's main lube products are made from recycled oils. And they are good products. Northland is just one of a few companies that have done this for decade, and is well respected in the agriculture community. And we are not talking about changing 10 gallons at a time every month like in commercial trucking. An extra case of quarts worth a year is not going to make folks have to take out a second mortgage. Sure, it is not necessary to change that often, but not that big of a deal. Each person lives within their own comfort zone.

    Pick you change interval that makes you sleep well at night, use quality products when you change oil, and enjoy life. I go thru several drums of oil a year in all my equipment and vehicles and do not have the least problem with someone who wants to stick to an old 3000 mile oil change regimen. It is not my money. I don't brow beat them. I will suggest they can go longer, but if they choose not to, cool. They are no less in my mind. Maybe a little naive, but they will come around over time. But they are not wasting anything even if they changed their oil every other week. All oil is recycled, and what they spend goes right back into the business cycle. It is totally their call on what they want to do with their vehicle.
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    Certainly didn't mean to imply that people should not change more often if they want to simply because I said so. I was offering supporting reasons why it is not necessary to do so. As for recycling, etc., I am certainly not a tree-hugger, but do believe we should conserve when we can. Not all oil is recycled by any stretch, and the process of recycling consumes energy on it's own. A few quarts really wouldn't matter much, but 100 million cars times two unnecessary oil changes per year does matter, a lot, IMO. People can change oil every 100 miles if they wish. Not up to me.
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    12k miles is because (so I've been told) they come with synthetic oil in them. With that I would change every 10k miles and the filter every 5k

    I change conventional oil and filter every 2-2500mi
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    Well it is true that not all oil is recycled. My commercial truck tire and lube shop uses a lion's share of the oil it changes out to heat the shop during the winter. But it is still not wasted. If they didn't do that, they would be using electricity or NG, so they are just using another fuel source for heat. But every lube place is under federal EPA guidelines on oil recycling and there are several companies that make their bread and butter on the recycling game. No one is wasting any oil.

    If anyone is worried about wasting resources, then they should quit trying to use the traffic lights as a cheap version of NHRA christmas tree lights and try to see if they can make it to the next light while it is still red. Or trying to get poll position at Daytona by the way they run down the highway. Now we are talking about "wasting" resources that exponentially exceeds anything that can be called "wasting" when it comes to engine oils.

    I am fully in the longer drain interval camp. For me, it just makes no sense to use the old 3000 mile oil change game. Your arguments are valid, but probably are not the best in persuading those that are hard core about sticking to old methodologies. These topics come up frequently in commercial trucking, and many folks are still stuck in old ways no matter what the OEM's or the oil companies have to say. Auto and pickup owners are really no different.

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    Back to the OP, some of us here may pick things apart here in fun, but the only way to be certain, regardless of what anyone says, on how long the oil will hold up in their engine is run occasional oil sample tests. They are easy to do and relatively inexpensive in the big picture. Not every engine is the same. Run your favorite oil in your engine to the edge of where you feel comfortable and when you change it, send in a sample to see how it is holding up. If it looks good, then you might want to consider going a little longer the next time around. You will find your comfort level eventually, and it will probably be different than the comfort level of any of the rest of us.

    I do this with every vehicle and tractor engine I own. I run a sample occasionally and fit my oil change intervals within the parameters that those tests suggest. Relatively cheap insurance for peace of mind.
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    apparently, you really just want to argue, or maybe just need to be right. Okay, whatever, you are right. Nobody, anywhere, wastes any oil, and all recycled oil is fully used.
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    Prove me wrong if it suits you. I have no problem with that. I deal with more lube issues than the vast majority of the folks on this forum. I personally use more oils and lubes in one year than a majority of folks do in their lifetime. I haul the stuff as well. I deal almost daily with commercial lubrication suppliers. Sure, not every single drop of used oil is recycled. Spillage does occur. But resources are far from wasted with the minute amount of oil that doesn't make it back into the system. First off, the EPA is a real hawk about this sort of thing. I cannot account for Joe's Auto repair that is operated out of a shack down by the rail yard, but I can account for the laundry list of quick lube places, dealerships, commercial lube facilities and such. Just because someone changes their oil more frequently than someone else, they are not necessarily wasting resources. I get the feeling that the reason so many folks feel the need to berate those who do not do things the way they do is to give themselves some feeling of superiority and to justify what they do. I really could care less if someone changes their oil once a year, or once a week. Doesn't affect my wallet.

    The used oil issue is similar to the corn ethanol issue. Many feel that food is wasted creating ethanol. If they had just one foot in the door in understanding the agriculture industry, they would realize that is a blatant falsehood. Nothing is wasted there also. Sure the starches and sugars are removed to ferment ethanol, then the resulting dried distillers grain is a highly sought after great feed supplement that helps prevent intestinal colitis in feeder livestock. It is a high protein, highly digestible food source. Big market for it. Likewise, recycling oil is a major business. No one in their right mind wants to waste a single drop. There is big money in that dirty oil and lubes.
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    corn is a crop that has many uses. about 50% of the crop is used for ethanol fuels. what happens with this is the corn price rises and many of the people in the poor countries have food shortages.

    the growing of corn does create a lot of used resources...I would not say it is wasted ...

    It will not be long when corn will no longer be used for fuel. algae is the next fuel of the future. this is to be grown in areas where crops normally will not grow due to the soil and hot temps.

    synthetic oil when recycled can be used over and over again. not at all like petroleum ..
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    motor oil explained in great detail, laymans terms, by science, GM corp, university of penn state, api, and a host of other industry experts that test, refine, and manufacture standard and synthetic oil. You can sort thru the facts and the marketing hype, at the very least, perhaps learn something, I myself change oil and rotate tires every 5k miles, thats my confort zone, enjoy the read if you choose. just a few pages of facts, data, and information . please dont shoot the messenger, just sharing here.
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    Good read @summitwhite11,

    This is a good quote from page 2:

    PINNING IT DOWN. Your engine’s specifications, not any oil-maker’s claims, are what should determine your choice of motor oil.
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    What's your background? PM me if you want.

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