Service Stabilitrak, Service Traction Control, and Reduced Engine Power -- anyone?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by mjs84, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. mjs84

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    Driving to work this morning my 09 silverado 1500 stalled out twice. Both times the initial indication of "Stabiltrak disabled" came on, followed by "Service Stabilitrak" followed by "Service Traction Control" lastly followed by "Reduce Engine Power" and eventually the engine stalled out leaving me with only manual steering and brakes.

    Has anyone had this issue before? Truck only has 26,000 mi on it... still under warranty... but want to be as prepared for the dealer discussion as possible when I drop it off this evening (if I can make to the dealer).

    Thanks all.

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  2. mjs84

    mjs84 Rockstar

    got it - thanks Mike. Going to have to take it in. Reduced power followed by stall keeps occurring.
  3. mjs84

    mjs84 Rockstar

    An update: Took the truck into the dealer. Turns out some '09s (and '07s, '08s) were made with faulty air intakes. The plastic on these intakes can wear down over time and fracture. The fracturing causes small plastic particles to enter the engine, and as a defense mechanism the computer shuts down stabilitrak, reduces engine power, etc to prevent damage. Just in case anyone was wondering.
  4. bvogts25

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    i recently have run into the same problem. the only thing is mine is an 07, but i put a Volant Air Intake on it just under a year ago. I'm going to call the dealer tomorrow to see what they have to say. Ill most likely end up taking it in to get it looked at though. Im kinda confused tho why this happened to me because i put an aftermarket intake on it, unless its caused by something else. in addition to the service stability and service traction control, the shift between gears 1-2 are really hard. this makes me want to think its more of a computer issue/code error than a bad air intake.
  5. mjs84

    mjs84 Rockstar

    the guy at my shop said that he's seen this problem be caused by a number of factors, but most routinely by either 1) a faulty intake or 2) computer malfunction. Have it checked out, but by the sounds of it you're going to be a quick computer update away from being problem free. Good luck
  6. mjs84

    mjs84 Rockstar

    2 weeks and 4 shop trips later, I finally (fingers crossed) have resolution on this issue.

    -- FYI: My shop said GM for the past 6 months has been getting a number of inquiries as to the nature of the problem I had. There is currently a bulletin out (not a recall), so if you have these issues I'd recommend mentioning this as a possible problem --

    The Situation (along with a fist pump):
    - Driving along normally, not doing anything out of the ordinary, when the engine begins with a short RPM increase, followed by a quick decrease of about 1,000 RPMs, followed by the following warning indications in this order in about 3 second intervals: Stabilitrak Disabled, Traction Control Disabled, Service Stabilitrak, Reduced Engine Power. The engine then stalls out

    The Shop Trips:
    1) Replace Throttle Body Sensors: Shop tech advises the codes are due to uneven airflow in the engine compartment. GM recommends a swap out of the throttle body sensors.

    The same issue occurs less than 24 hours later

    2) Replace Throttle Body Wiring Harness: Codes state the same problem with throttle body. GM recommends now replacing the wire harness. Step is taken by shop tech.

    The same issue occurs less than 24 hours later

    3) Replace vacuum hoses: Code states the same air flow problem. GM recommends replacing vacuum hoses. Step is taken by tech.

    The same issue occurs less than 24 hour later

    4) Replace throttle body: Code states same problems. Throttle body is ordered (but back ordered because of the demand for the part given the issue), comes in 3 days later and is replaced.

    It's been 3 days and the issue hasn't happened again. I've heard it has the potential too though, and the next steps in the GM manual are replacing the Alternator, then the battery.

  7. Dave D.

    Dave D. New Member

    Hopefully that was all under warranty. Don't know why no one tests anything these days. Guess at $90 bucks an hour, best to put in new parts. I always service the throttle body every couple of years. They get gummed up like the carbs used too. Especially the Idle air control passages.
  8. mjs84

    mjs84 Rockstar

    Yes, good point Dave -- forgot to mention all work was covered under warranty. Even pushed the rental car insurance and fuel back to GM as well.
  9. acefrehley1980

    acefrehley1980 New Member

    my 2004 silverado has a reduced engine power problem. only hapens when i turn my fog lights on. it throws engine light but if i turn it off for a few mins and start it up its fine. only does it when ever i turn fog lights on, Any ideas?
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  10. Stellar1

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    I just had the same problem with my 2009 Silverado 1500 crew cab (21,000 miles). A few weeks ago had the Stabilitrak warning along with no traction control and reduced engine power. It happened twice in one day, then the service engine soon light came on . Took it to the dealer the next day, they hooked it up to the computer and it showed there was a problem, but everything checked out okay. Three weeks pass with no problems. Then, this past Sunday, it happened five times. Was driving down the interstate and had to stop about every 5 minutes - pulled over, turned the engine off for a few minutes and it would be fine. Drive 5 minutes and the same thing happened. The engine didn't stall, but it did run very rough and had no power. The next day (Monday), it happened again, 4 times within a 15 minute period. Brought it into the dealer on Wednesday and they said it was the Throttle Body sensor, but they said they just couldn't install a new sensor, they put in a whole new throttle body part. Drove home without any problems...hopefully this will have fixed it.
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