Service Stabilitrak, Service Traction Control, and Reduced Engine Power -- anyone?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by mjs84, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. EarthWindFire82

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    Okay! Update!

    After spending all but $21 to my name, I believe the problem has been rectified.

    Took it to the dealership for the alignment, and he looked up the Check Engine light to confirm that it was a faulty Throttle Position Sensor. I bit the bullet and told them to go ahead and replace it. He told me that in order for it to work, I also needed an Air Fuel Induction Service. I told him go ahead and do it. Again, I do too much driving to be in a bad way, and I'm usually driving with two kids in the truck.

    I picked it up at about 3:30pm today and it drove BETTER than it did when I bought it. I'm praying that all continues to be well. I don't even have enough loot left over to put gas in for the week, but appears that the TPS replacement + Air Fuel Induction = No More Stabilitrak Drama.

    My dream truck is no longer a nightmare.
  2. tekan1

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    I too have the same issue all of a sudden. I own a 2010 Silverado 1500 LT 4x4. I took your advise and ordered a Throttle Position Sensor. I think GM should send out a bulletin to inform everyone of this dilemma as a courtesy to all their customers. Hey customer service....what do you think?

    thank you all for the information. I will keep you posted on my results also
  3. EarthWindFire82

    EarthWindFire82 New Member

    I think it should have been a recall if you have this many people with the problem. But, as I experienced with my Cobalt, they'll reject you, have you spend all your money, THEN you'll see a recall.

    I love my Yukon, but GM has to do better.
  4. GM Customer Service

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    Great! I'll keep an eye out for your update.

    Jennifer T.
    GM Customer Care
  5. tekan1

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    Service Stabilitrak, Service Traction Control, and Reduced Engine Power

    found the letter from GM detailing the issue about the TPS sensor. Scheduled an appointment with our local dealership. They replaced the TPS free of charge and found an additional error code indicating my map sensor was not working. $180.00 more issues and the truck runs GREAT!!!

    Here is copy of the letter I received from GM. Copy it and take your vehicle to the dealer to redeem your fix.



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  6. doogy65501

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    FYI , MY wife went thru Service Stabilitrak, Service Traction Control, 2008 suburban and Reduced Engine Power she was in packed traffic about caused a major accident when it shut down selling buying a Toyota nuff said !!! sick of sticking money in to this junk
  7. baca5475

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    This issue happened to my husband tonight, 2010 Silverado 4x4 LTZ , good thing he works overnights or it would have caused a major traffic issue. He called me to come pick him up as the truck slowed down and would not let him go above 40 mph, my first thought was "oh no its the fuel pump freezing". We have had this truck through 3 very cold brutal winters with temperatures of negative 10 to negative 30 for a good two or three months at a time. Never had an issue until tonight, all services have been done, most recent was about 2 weeks ago, dealership said nothing was wrong and everything looked good. It is a flex fuel vehicle and we do like to use the E-85 because it burns cleaner than regular gasoline and we thought that was the purpose of a flex fuel vehicle? I am hoping since we only have 22,000 miles it is still covered under warranty. I have a really hard time trusting GM as I have not had the best experience with them on previous vehicles I have purchased.
  8. sarmst100

    sarmst100 New Member

    I have had similar troubles with my 2008 Silverado for a couple of years especially when the weather got cooler but I believe I have fixed the problem. It was to the point that the Service Stabilitrak would come on everytime I drove the truck a couple of hundred yards. It also had a few times of loss of power, door locks going crazy, and headlights going out. Getting the truck out of Park started to be an issue which lead me to replacing the Brake Light Switch ($13 and 15 minutes to replace). No issues after two weeks. Shifting the truck out of Park was not a problem in the beginning but I guess the short got worse over time. After talking with many people they have had Brake Light Switch issues on these trucks for years. I hope this can help someone else with there issue.
  9. tj45

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    My first post here. Had the same problem last week (one time only) with my 2010 Silverado. When I finally limped back home at 25 MPH with all the shift knocking and light display I called a buddy who also has a Silverado. He told me to disconnect battery cable, wait a minute then reconnect, which I did. Voila!! have not had any problems since. Had it in 4WD all morning while running errands in a minor snowstorm here in Connecticut, keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. El_Loco_Diablo

    El_Loco_Diablo New Member

    Last week in the -37 wind chill it happened over 12 times on the way home. Made it to the local mechanic in time and he scanned it. T.P.S. needed replacing. Monday morning I went to the local dealership. I asked the service manager if they were busy and he said he was already booking for the following Monday. I told him my situation. He said they already had an order for the parts and they would be in the following day(Tuesday). He told me to leave my truck and 9:30 Tuesday morning they called to say my truck was fixed, no charge!
    Big thumbs up to John Bridges in North Battleford, for sneaking me in and taking care of me so quickly.

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