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  1. Gmman

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    I am new to this site. Found it searching the net looking for answers to why the Stabilitrak and Traction Control messages come on. I have a 2007 GMC Sierra Denali 2WD with 48000 miles. It is all stock except for lowering and a KN filter. I did read a five page thread on this same issue on this site but could not find it again after registering. Here is my issue..... When towing and usually under heavy throttle on grades the dash alarm sounds and the Stabilitrak off, service Stabilitrak, traction control, service traction control messages are displayed. As soon a the heavy load (more throttle) condition is over the system resets to normal display. I have not experienced any of the other conditions such a loss of power, erratic shifting, ruff engine performance. Since the system always resets I have come to just ignoring it as a nuisance. The engine check light come on occasionally but it always corrects after another tank of fuel and several cold starts. This Stabilitrak traction message started last summer on occasion but is occurring more frequently this summer. I have read the owners manual on these systems and the associated trouble codes and it points to heavy throttle downshifts as a possible trigger to the message display. I have read, and will look into removing and cleaning the throttle body and sensor issues other posters have suggested. Since the truck is no longer on warrantee I would prefer to solve this myself. Using California fuel with 10% Ethanol. Any help is appreciated.
  2. ajarman

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    I had the same lights come on over the weekend. What fixed my issue was adding some Dot3 brake fluid. Its a shot in the dark, but check your brake fluid level. I still dont know why it tripped my TC and Stabilitrack lights, but they are gone now.
  3. Gmman

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    Thanks for the tip. The brake fluid was a little low but not that much. I topped it off and we are towing again tomorrow over the Sierra's to Tahoe. We will see if it makes a difference.
  4. Gmman

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    I have been meaning to post the fix I discovered for the Stabilitrak Traction control dash warning lights coming on under heavy acceleration. It had nothing with low brake fluid. I read many posts on this site and others. I found the fix on a youtube video from some guy in Colorado. The problem was simply a dirty Mas Air Flow sensor. It did not look dirty but it was. I also took off the throttle valve and cleaned it too even though it was not that dirty. Use only MAS specific cleaner and do not touch it with your fingers. Do not move the butterfly as it is drive by wire ad will come out of sync. with the computer. The video was also helpful instructing on how not to break the plastic clips on the wiring plugs. Also, do not believe the myth that K&N filter oil has anything to do with these messages or the engine light. Go to K&N's website and watch their four 10 min. videos on the subject. After cleaning the MAS we towed 7000 # at altitude and no warning messages appeared and have not since.
  5. RayVoy

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    Good info [MENTION=62332]Gmman[/MENTION], thanks for the update.
  6. stu _art

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    Hello their, new to site and had posted the same problem with my truck, 2010 Silverado. Thought it was censors on transfer case getting wet , it wasn't so I cleaned mass air flow, and takin off throttle body cleaned it and also the censor on side of it held on by clips. Lubercated inside of censor except for the small points in there, I used carb and lubercation spray cleaner, its been about a month now and still haven't had any problems and didn't mean to just butt in to conversation.
  7. JimmyA

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    Thanks for the update!
  8. Scothron3

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    i have a 2007 gmc denali awd and 6.2l engine. i used to have the stabilitrack and tc light come on and flash and notice stalling sputtering when slowing down to red lights and taking off. iw would go away on its own within 2 minuits or so. it did that for a few months her and there, i been meaning to get it checked but was not looking forward to a visit at the dealer. morning i started it up to warm up before heading to work and it started idling bad going fluctuating uo and down like it wanted to die but kept running. then started having a slight tapping noise then died out. puzzled i tried to re start it and it would just roll over and not start. i pulled the batter cable off for about 10 min and tried re starting and it started but then stabilitrack and tc, and service stabilitracl and tc were flashing and a flashing engine light. and was running terrible shaking missing and that tapping noise. i shut it off and started reasearching. i was amazed at how many reports there were.

    things ive done. charged battery, changed crank position sensor, cleaned maf sensor, cleaned throtle body, changed map sensor, reset computer and kept trying but nothing seemed to change.
    i put a gage on the fuel rail and had 58 psi after turning the key, started and remained 58 59 while running very bad. ive noticed it burned a LOT of gas too running it to try and diagnose.
    i then got a hand held scanner and found p0300 and p0068.

    from what im understanding (i could totaly be wrong, just my thought) there is some sensor somewhere not doing its job and the computer can not send and recieve the correct information back and forth and then the computer goes into its backup safty mode called (limp) witch only lets u go so fast, throws off fuel air and all that, it makes the trassmission pressure higher so no damage to the clutches and bands, witch explains the hard shifting.
    im thinking it has to be taken out of limp mode and find the sensor thats throwing the computer off and putting it in limp.
    only thing i dont get is once in limp, are the codes from the limp mode where the engine is all out of wack or are the codes the reason the computer is going in limp?
    anyone feel free to chime in as i still have no solution to my problem and im still looking.
    anyone have this problem and fixed it let me know thanks..
  9. butterfly2pretty

    butterfly2pretty New Member

    I had this problem, can you tell me if you found a solution? Thanks.
  10. GM Customer Service

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    Hello! I understand that you are experiencing an issue with your vehicle. I cannot guarantee anything but I would like to look into this concern for you. Please private message me referencing this thread if I can be of any assistance.

    Safe travels,

    Jennifer T.
    GM Customer Care

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