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    Truck has 1200 miles. Three days ago, after starting, the "abs" light stayed on and the warning "service trailer brake system" appeared on the DIC. Took it to the dealer and the checked it out and told me it was a glitch with the software and that it had "gone to sleep". They re-booted it and sent me on my way. Today, while dropping our child off at school, and while the truck was running, the "abs" and "brake" light came on and the "service trailer brake system" warning came on. Drove straight to the dealership and on the way the "abs" light and "brake" light went out. At the dealership I shut the truck off, waited about 15 seconds and re-started the truck and everything appeared fine - no warning lights. Have an appointment for Tuesday for a more thorough check.

    Any ideas from anyone as to the cause?
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    Were you towing anything while it happened? I'm guessing not. Obviously something with the trailer brake system is not happy. It could be a programming issue, or the trailer brake system may detect too much current being pulled by trailer brakes that don't exist or that the trailer brake system is not operating, which again is odd because there's no trailer present. For physical issues that I mentioned, I would think that would lead to locating a short somewhere in the trailer brake wiring on the truck. However, due to the issue appears and resolving itself with the cycling of the vehicle power I am leaning towards a computer issue. The dealer should be able to track the issue down.

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