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    Hi, I've been reading all the posts about front end leveling with torsion bar adjustments and keys, but before I do that I would like to put my 2003 Chevy 3/4 Ton Suburban 4x4 back to stock specs.

    I bought this truck recently and the torsion bar adjusters are in different places and the front end is different heights side to side when measured from the wheel hub to the bottom of the fender opening.

    Before I can determine if I need new torsion keys, I feel that I have to get 'er back to stock, then address any worn front end parts, then put on the larger tires, and finally adjust the ride height to level the truck and clear the tires (likely 285-75-16 or 295-70-16 if I can find them)

    Anybody able to share the factory specs for this adjustment? Thanks.
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    Well its called the "Z" height. The height is 4.7". The way you get to this is to take a bubble-type level, place one end of it on the steering knuckle( not on the bolt) and have the other end line up under the lower control arm pivot bolt, measure from the top of the level to the center of the pivot bolt. This should be 4.7" except for SS Silverados and this should be 3.5" to 4.0". If its not 4.7 then adjust the t/bar key bolts. There 18mm bolts.

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