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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Scooter, May 3, 2009.

  1. Scooter

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    Well after the hit and run yesterday i have a bit of work ahead of me im ripping off all the fake chrome off the bottom half of the truck, as well as debadgeing the whol thing, and painting the bowtie, im think black. aswell as doing my own window tint...Amy if you read this I stole your idea and mounted some driving lights behind the looks great, although i have to figure out how to brace that bar, becouse i notice alot of bouncing going down the road....:lol:anyway pics will be up later...wish me luck with that window tinting. god i hate doing that...
  2. cascott325

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    good luck with that friend
  3. TRPLXL2

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    Well I see you have the stock grille shell still in the truck, I do too but I also have a beefy billett grille insert in my grille shell. I think the billet grille stiffens up the grille shell, mine don't bounce around like that and my truck rides really ruff compared to stock. What did you do get the round 6" lights, or did you go with the rectangular one's? As a matter of fact I also put lock washers and nuts on mine just in case, I was just avoiding drilling any holes in the OEM parts that would cause weakening. See that's why you should never listen to a girl! :sign0011:
  4. Scooter

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    Ok So i didnt get to the window tint at all today, but i did strip the sides of the truck to get rid of that fake chrome siding, and took the LS badge off the sides aswell, it looks alot cleaner that way..I also stripped the back door panel off and popped out most of the dent. theres still a small dent were i could reach to pop it out though do to it being behind a support so i think ill have to go down and get one of those dents removers....Anyone know if they actually work.... Oh and I also did some first time custom painting under the hood, cameras down so I dont have any pics up yet but ill let yall know when i get them up....I painted most of the plastic parts still alittle to do. first time with the paint really so its not the best, but its all a trial run for now.ill sand it all down again and repaint it but the paint I used was a dark blue with metal flakes and it looks hella good. I plan on doing the inside aswell with the same blue, but probably without the metal flakes....anyway thats all for now stay tuned for more....:tussor:
  5. Scooter

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    OK so my phone is pretty cool, and I learned something new about it today. anyway heres a crappy pic of the painting I did...for my first i dont think its hella bad.
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  6. Scooter

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    custom Paint

    Just thought i would give this a bump to see what people thought of the colors of the custom paint before going all out
  7. heavy chevy

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    I think it looks great where did you get the paint at.
  8. TRPLXL2

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    Honestly scooter where did the blue idea come from? Your truck is totally not going with that color, I am sorry for being blunt but that is too wild of a color for your truck. I think it came out great though for your first time, just trying to stay honest about my opinions. I think a nice candy red or something would have been nicer, or maybe chevy orange metallic. I don't know I'm just not feeling the cosmic blue thing.:neutral:

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