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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Whitey, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Whitey

    Whitey New Member

    Hey everyone!!! Sorry for the long post. Gonna be a headache for some of you. My name is Tripp. I have been frequenting the forum for awhile now trying to decide what vehicle to buy next. Seems right to me to introduce myself as I am leaning towards a 2002 Suburban z71 4x4. So HI! Also, I have a build sheet and a list of things I will be adding to the Burb over time. I don't actually have anything yet and haven't bought the truck yet but I will be getting on that soon as my current vehicle is dying. Current vehicle is a 2000 Nissan Xterra 2wd V6. Before that I owned a 92 Ford Bronco 4x4 Custom. I've always liked suvs and their capabilities so that's what I was leaning towards over a 2009 Honda Civic Si and a 2003 VW Golf GLS TDI. Anyways, enough of my background.

    I live in League City, TX but I'm possibly moving to Durant, OK to go to school at SOSU. The other possibility is San Marcos, TX and TSU. Right now I am jobless because I went out to California to sell cars and after being there for a few weeks decided it wasn't right for me and moved back home. Possible majors for me are Business Finance or Business Marketing with a minor in Economics. I am currently engaged to the love of my life but have no plans of actually tieing the knot until after graduation. So enough of my life story, lets get back to the Suburban!

    I am lookin at a black z71 with tan interior. It's 11k and has 92k miles. Outside is in great shape overall and it has new tires. The inside is a little worn. The leather is wrinkled in some places (expected) and it has some wear on the carpeting like someone used the vehicle with no mats for awhile. Sorry for the long list. Read it over as you can or if you want to. As my list goes so far, its not complete but I will be updating it as I go, here is what I have.

    • Exterior

    • Black plastic trim all around
    • Denali style projector headlights with black chrome backing
    • 6000k HID kit with Japanese ballasts
    • Projector style fog lights
    • 6000k HID fog light upgrade
    • Removal of all logos (z71, Chevrolet)
    • Black speedmesh billit grille
    • Black background front lights(under the headlights)
    • Black background Rear LED taillights (smoked also)
    • Black background LED third brakelight (smoked)
    • Custom Black powerdercoated 1.5 in steel wheel to wheel rockerbars
    • Rear wiper delete
    • Custom bumper to bumper body smoothing
    • Triple layer night Black primer
    • Triple layer Gloss Night Black Paint Coat
    • Triple layer High Transparency Clear Coat
    • Billit z71 style roof rack (exact copy except billit alum instead of plastic)
    • Interior

    • 6.5 in DVD ready In-Dash head unit with Navi
    • 6.5 in screens in all 4 headrests (front and middle)
    • 2 Xbox 360s wired seperatly (1 to middle/front headrests and 1 to back/middle)
    • 3 way speakers all around
    • 4 10 in subs under front and middle seats
    • 2 10 in subs in ported box just behind third row (facing foward)
    • 3 400 watt amps wired to paired subwoofers
    • Custom Black Leather seats all around
    • Black dash/trim all around
    • Black carpet and headliner
    • Custom steel bolts and polyurethane bushings for armrests(so they never break again)
    • All weather floormat set for front/middle/back/and cargo tray for nasty days
    • True White LED lights everywhere there are regular lights
    • Lower dash/console mount for programmer
    • Custom digital dual zone A/C system with seperate rear a/c
    • Custom console mount rear a/c controls
    • Custom middle and rear a/c vents in headliner
    • (Maybe) Custom black billit/leather steering wheel with black billit shift lever
    • Black rectangle billit rearview mirror
    • Heated and Cooled Front/Middle/Rear seats with independant controls for each individual.
    • Custom gauge cluster with black background, smoked 50% transparent needles, and blue LEDs behind.
    • Engine

    • (Maybe) Chevy Vortec 6.0 build
    • Whipple 3.3 Supercharger w/ intercooler
    • Whipple upgraded pullys
    • Underdrive pully kit
    • Dual Optima battery kit
    • Heavy duty starter/alt(or twin alts)
    • MSD ignition system
    • CoolWires and GOOD spark plugs
    • (Maybe) street cam
    • Whipples supercharger air intake
    • (Maybe)Some kind of headers....Input?
    • True dual to 2 High flow cats
    • X pipe
    • Flowmaster muffs
    • 45x45 (aka rear corners) exhaust tip dumps
    • High flow elect. control fuel pump
    • (Maybe) 45 gal fuel cell upgrade
    • A power/fuel econo programmer...also input? thinkin whipples diablo to stay in family with everything
    • Dress up engine to look clean
    • Drivetrain

    • Better torque conv. for better off the line
    • Trans. Controller
    • Billit black Trans. pan
    • Trans. oil cooler
    • 4.53?(correct me if im wrong) gears for rear
    • Better gears for front...input please?
    • Stronger shaft and parts all around
    • (Maybe) Taller gear for 4th for highway cruising
    • (Maybe) Idle controller...would it be needed? input?
    • Protection all around for any mishaps
    • Suspension

    • 6" either skyjacker, ranchero, or superlift suspension kit (input would be great!)
    • Removable front and rear high strength sway/stabilizer bars
    • HD steering stabilizer (maybe hydro?)
    • Best on road shocks with offroad ability money can buy (need input!)
    • (Maybe) Air cushion shocks for rear....input?
    • Wheels

    • (Maybe) Powdercoating stock z71 wheels black
    • (Maybe) Procomp Xtreeme alloys, cant remember series right now...
    • Input? what does everyone have? what looks good? i want 16-18s no bigger
    • Tires

    • 35' BFGoodrich A/T TA KOs
    • Input on anything better than ^^^^
    • Misc.

    • BBK front and back with vented rotors
    • Some kinda behind license plate front winch mount
    • Need a winch for ^^^^
    • (Maybe) Onboard compressed air in rear w/ hidden hose behind rear liscence plate or behind bumper
    • Anything else I am missing??? INPUT PLEASE!!!
    Ok so that is my list and thank you for reading it all for those of you that did! Anyways, please give me input as this is my first complete build up. I am looking to do this over the next 2 years. I dont want to spend over 25k for the entire build but will go as high as 30k if I have to. I will be documenting every step of the way from shaking the salesmans hand when I buy the truck, through the countless dynos and modifications, and finally will showcase it when I am finished and hopefully get it put into a mag or two. Also am shooting for ROTM on here when I am done! Thanks again for reading and wish me luck!
  2. ct9a

    ct9a Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the site and good luck.
  3. adampaul1964

    adampaul1964 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the site,good luck and you better find a high paying job!! :glasses:
  4. Whitey

    Whitey New Member

    lookin at best buy right now. I have jobs avalible in both places I am looking at to go to college. I have the student loans set up for college already so all 4 years are paid for (kinda....) and that includes rent, food, and fun. So that means all my money i make is going into the truck. Also, I have parents that really like to help me out and any help they give me will be going to parts for the truck. I hope to have it finished in 2 years before I move to a bigger school to get my actual major. Thanks for the luck guys!
  5. bry2500

    bry2500 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the site.

    That is one Loooooooong and very ambitious list. The current engine should be good for a while but if you are gonna do the whipple you should build up the 6.0L with it. This way while you build the engine you still have a drivable vehicle.
  6. Whitey

    Whitey New Member

    How would the 6.0 and the whipple do compared to the 5.3? what about the 5.3 with a 2.3 sc kit from whipple? they make it for the 5.3 i know that but its 2.3 and not 3.3. i was gonna go bigger because i want more than 50% more power for that kinda money. i still want it to be streetable as it will probably be my weekend crusier/camper/roadtrip/more than 2 people vehicle.
  7. Whitey

    Whitey New Member

    also, what about a 700r4 trans instead of the 4l60d thats in it? should i/do i need to upgrade it for strength or will the 4l60d work with what i have planned? thanks for the replys guys and keep it up. i wanna get as much info into this as possible. I am going to try and credit everyone to the final build for any publications i may get or at least give credit where its due when someone asks me about it.
  8. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    My first question is are you doing all of this yourself, or are you going to have it all done around at multiple shops? The reason am asking is because I think $30,000-$40,000 for all of that is waaaaaaay under priced, I think you have about $20,000 just in the powertrain and engine components and that's brand new stuff so unless you are planning on buying used stuff I don't think it's possible for that money.

    As far as a programmer for the Whipple charger, you shouldn't be stacking the programmers anyways. I always thought Whipple had a programmer that came with it that when you are done with installation, you plug it in and then let it sync with the factory PTM to make all necessary adjustments.

    I have over $30,000 in my truck so far, and honestly I don't have 1/4 of the things you have listed here. I would bet that by the time you get done with your truck you'll have a total over $100,000 in it, and that includes any labor and the vehicle price. Welcome to the club by the way, and sorry if I was too blunt with my statement...............AMY:glasses:
  9. Whitey

    Whitey New Member

    Most of it I will be doing myself. I dont expect to get all of it done in the 2 years but I would like to do most of it. Cosmetically and suspension/wheels/tires wise I am going to do first. Performance last except the tuner I want to do first. Whipple does supply a tuner with the kits but I am not sure if they do with just a charger. If i go with a 3.3 I have to build my own setup and can do so using their parts. I am wondering how many people out there have their chargers on their trucks/burbans? If there are any on this forum please speak up now with some feeling as to how it went, was it easy/hard, and did you get your moneys worth? Thank you for the input Amy. I was looking at prices and so far I am at 5k for the cosmetics exterior minus roof rack and most of the interior. I am getting alot of my parts from wholesale friends of mine in the car buisiness. Thank you again for your input guys and keep it coming!

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