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  1. Eddie Don

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    I had my 1997 Silverado Extend cab in for an alignment because it pulled to the left and had a shake in the steering wheel .But that did not fix it ,the shop could not find anything wrong. Got any idea what would make it do this?????
  2. For the pull the alignment might take care of it, but for the shake more than likely the balance of the wheels, unless your tires are worn like crazy on the inside edges like my old car was
  3. dsfloyd

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    typically shake will be wheel balance. Can also be brakes and/or worn suspension parts. Not all shops inspect the front suspension/steering components before aligning as they should as you cant get an accurate alignment if there is play in the front end.
  4. osgprometheus

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    It could be a few things. First off, why did you take it in for the alignment? Tire wear, pulling, clunking ect? How was the tires wearing? Does the vehicle pull or drift? How is it after the alignment? ANY better? How is the air pressure? Check the tires for out of balance or, seperation. While they check the balance, see if the wheels are bent or not.
  5. Revredneck

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    What about your brake rotors? If they aren't true, it will shake, especially when you step on the brakes. If the front end shop had found worn parts, they would have tried to sell you, because that's how they make money. Your problem is either wheel balance or brakes.
    Good Luck and God Bless

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