Shift problems 94 1500 GMC 4x4 Sierra

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    I just purchase this 94 gmc 1500 4x4 from a back yard mechanic who said the engine was rebuilt using a 50k mile head. Engine seems strong but the transmission shifts extremley hard 1st 2nd and into drive. When the engine is cold it slams into gear but after it warms up it is less violent. I am not that familiar with transmissions but I have read a few different replies to this problem, and they all seem to point back to the valve body and shift selenoids, however the others were shifting hard when the engines were warmer. Mine is just the opposite. I will tell you the fluid is full and bright cherry red. I don't know if this has anything to do with my problem but if you shift this auto trans into 2nd gear the truck turns off, kills it dead and not because of any idle or timing issues it is as if I have turned off the key. I have been under the truck and found hanging next to the transmission 2 wires that are in a corrigated plastic sleeve that has a female end that is not attached to anything. The end of this female connector is an oval rectangle not more than a half inch long and about 3/8 inch wide.
    I hope someone can offer up some advise before the hard shifting brakes something else.

    Patrick in Tennessee

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