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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by adam4lsu, Apr 24, 2009.

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    I swear I have a new problem every day. maybe it's time to get a new truck?? (228k) Ok, here's my problem. I'm replacing the rear end because the dealership says its about to go. Picking up the new rearend in a few days. Decided to run to the post office today after not running the truck for a few days. Shifting into reverse to backout the driveway I noticed the truck surged backwards and CLUNKED into gear. So i put it in park and back into reverse (a couple times) just to see and everytime it did it. as I got out of the driveway and got into drive, i got a very weird whine as I got on the gas a just a little bit.

    Leaving the post office it barely started up for me, (had a very VERY low idle for about 3-4 seconds) and finally idled normal.

    Please please PLEASE tell me it's not my tranny going and is just my bad rearend??

    I love this truck to death and cannot even bare the thought of getting a new one. I've put lots of money into it and would love to keep it going to at LEATS 250k but I think a bad tranny would be the dagger to my heart lol.

    any help and insight is much appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance

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