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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by vncj96, May 21, 2009.

  1. vncj96

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    can anyone give me any tips for installing the shocks myself on my 99 burban? Any problems you have come across or backyard mechanic tips. I will be getting some new shocks and want to do it myself.
  2. Dr_Zero

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  3. 97chevz71

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    Yourshock have the bolt on the top right instead of the shock and the nut you put down over it.
  4. 2COR517

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    Put some PB Blaster on the bolts beforehand to get the nuts off easier. If you can spray them a couple times a day for a couple days will help alot. Just did the front shocks on my 97. Piece of cake.
  5. Shadowdub

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    I just replaced the front and rear shocks on my 96 burb. It was one of the easiest things I have done to a vehicle. For the fronts you just take off the front wheels and then there is a bolt at the top and bottom of the each shock.

    For the rears there are two bolts at the top of each shock and one at the bottom. Just get the rear end on jack stands and support the rear suspension with a jack. For me the hardest part was getting the bottom of the second shock to line up with the mount on the axle because I couldn't get the axle to drop far enough. I have air bag helpers so that might be the reason why. I used a piece of wood and a floor jack to compress the shock about an inch so I could get the bolt in. If the shocks are packaged with a strap holding the shock in a compressed position leaving the strap on until install is completed might help.

    If you don't have a guide you can use's repair guide, which seems to be provided by Chilton.

    I didn't have any problems breaking any of the nuts loose, but I also used a pnumatic impact gun.
  6. Pete95Sierra

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    a big x2 on that one. PB blast a couple times a day for a couple days, if not more
  7. Dingus

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    If you haver a rusty Burb, then you'll probably run into what I did with my 92 K1500. The top bolts thread into the frame via threaded cheater clips. These will spin on ya if they are rusted on, and there is no way to get access to freeing them up. Thus, bolts have to be cut off to drop the shock, and grade8 bolts inserted instead to create studs to mount to. Then try holding the shock in place to the "drifting studs" and spin on washers and a nut on each, while spitting rust.... I should have dropped this job off at Midas for 1/2 hour per side.... but, I love the coil over Sensatracs - what a difference in the trucks stance and ride !!

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