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Discussion in 'Lowered & Urban Suspension' started by justaphase44, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. justaphase44

    justaphase44 Rockstar

    Hey guys, looking to buy some new shocks for the truck. Just wanting some input / opinions. Truck is a 07 1500 Silverado classic with 38k miles. Has 2" rear shackels on it and stock 17" wheels and stock tires. I know its a truck and its going to be a bit bumpy at times. So I'm not expecting for a ride as smooth as the wifes 328i but, maybe it won't be where I feel every piece of gravel on the road. Thanks for your help.
  2. Red Z71 Max

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    Bilstein, KYB, Rancho and Monroe are all good shocks in that order. I will say you get what you pay for. The high end Bilstein shocks are very pricey but they will give you a great ride and will outlast most shocks.
  3. ajarman

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    Bilstein all the way! The best my truck rode was with the 5100's.
  4. reggiecab2000

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    nuff said

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