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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by vms4evr, Sep 10, 2009.

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    I ordered some new Bilstein HD shocks from TireRack for my 06 K1500. The 6500/2905 setup. Not bad, about $250 shipped. The truck only has about 50K on it so the original ones aren't bad. I just think the ride will improve with the Bilsteins.

    So the shocks will be here today. I plan on installing them this weekend. I was under there changing fluids the other weekend and looked over the shock placement. This actually looks like a no-brainer install. Which usually means there is a surprise waiting for me... So I was wondering if there are any gotchas I am missing.

    The rears look I don't need to lift the truck. Just put a small floor jack under the shock to unload it. Loosen bottom bolt then the top pair and out. Might need to compress the new shock to intall it? Or extend it to install it?

    The fronts I gather I need to pull the wheels. Support the control arm with a floor jack. Possibly compress the shock before trying to remove it?

    Any hints or things I should watch out for?

    I have a Chiltons/Haynes manual I haven't read yet because it looks pretty straight up. I've done plenty of shock swaps on my cars.

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    I just installed the same shocks. Don't have to pull the front wheels. Only thing I had to do was jack up the truck a little to make working room. My shocks were worn out, rides much better now.

  3. vms4evr

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    Did it today

    I swapped out the shocks today. Very easy job. Not even worth writing up a tech note on. The rears were easy. Didn't lift the truck and didn't need a jack under the axle. Just slid under the truck. Plenty of room. 13/16" wrench and 1/2" drive ratchet with 13/16" socket for the rear. Took 30 minutes. Fronts I did lift the truck, remove the wheels, put small jack under lower A-arm to support it. 13/16" again for the bottom bolt. The top was 15mm wrench and a small vice grip locked on the top of the shock. A little WD-40 on that as the threads do get rusty.

    Overall the ride is smoother. Only ran a quick errand so I don't have much seat time yet. I've run Bilsteins on my Vettes and had good results so I can't see these not being an improvement.

    The original shocks only have 50K on them and are in very good condition. This truck has not towed or been off road much. So I figure I will put those shocks up for sale in the used parts section. For cheap. I just hate to throw them away since they are in good condition. Maybe someone on a tight budget can freshen up their suspension a bit.

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