Shocks for Suburban 2500 Quadrasteer

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    00TORCHCOUPE New Member

    I am looking to replace the shocks on my 04 suburban and seem to have few if no options at all.

    The vehicle has quadrasteer and electronic suspension. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have contacted one vendor online that deals with nothing but shocks (muliple brands) and they claim to have nothing that is meant for my vehicle.
  2. meash20

    meash20 Rockstar

    The shocks on my 03 QS were replaced before I got the truck. I'll have a look to see if I can get you a make/model...

    I'll poke around the net too...

  3. L0sts0ul

    L0sts0ul Rockstar 100 Posts

    not sure... but wouldn't standard HD shocks work as per usual?

    I don't know much about the QS models.
  4. vncj96

    vncj96 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Arent they air shocks?? Probably have to go back to GM to get them $$$.
  5. meash20

    meash20 Rockstar

    Nah, they aren't air shocks.. Sorry I've not been around to looking just yet... I'm going out to have a look now...

  6. meash20

    meash20 Rockstar

    I had a quick look, I know mine were replaced by the previous owner, my 2003 has some Orange ACDelco shocks on them, There was a sticker that said A6H on it.

    I'm going to try to cross reference with Napa or some other parts store now, but at first glance they don't appear to be anything special.
  7. meash20

    meash20 Rockstar

    Bad news man...
    My Truck has Codes:
    NYS - (Quadrasteer)
    Z55 - Autoride (note this is not air ride)

    From the ACDelco Web Site.....

    Part Number: 580-223
    Product Notes:
    [Rear Shock Absorber Kit]; Code tvu, tvw, T7C, T7D ; Four Wheel Steering (NYS) ; Chassis Pkg (Z55)

    Per Vehicle: 2; Years: 2003-2005

    Suggested Retail Price:$558.37

    Online Price: ~ $350.00

    hopefully I won't need any new ones soon...


    00TORCHCOUPE New Member

    Yeah, that is what I came up with. I do have the part numbers for the shocks and got quotes between 260 and 300 for them, plus shiipping. I was hoping there was a better shock available, that was little known.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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