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    No problem Happy to Help!
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    i like the monroe coilovers
  3. kmears

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    Well Unfortunatly, GM Has to suck and Charge a Astronomical prices for the suspension package which is required for such a setup the only problem is GM wants to charge you a $600 charge for each shock used because the setup you are requiring needs a heavy duty package and basicaly if you go aftermarket and use a coil over your going to be at a high risk for your towing package.

    The other option you got is to go with a Heavy duty airbag package that allows you to adjust your towing ride high in the rear. I highly recommend you go with the air bag system as it will maintain a good ride with the towing package and be adjustable.

    *Note that the coil over system is for performance with out towing guys* There is a reason for the coil over system as it is ment for cornering control. Trucks should only use the coil over system if they are a 2 wheel drive 2 door. *Take it how you feel most confortable but do read the warnings* :glasses:
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    I beg to differ when it comes to the model we are talking about they are not the one you are referring to these are made for towing. There are many different coil over shocks made to specific purposes these are not racing style shocks by a long shot :great:

    The Monroe® Sensa-Trac® load adjusting shock absorber with PSD (position sensitive damping) and the Safe Tech™ system combines our exclusive precision tapered grooves in the pressure tube with application engineered valving and Fluon banded piston to improve the ride, handling, and safety characteristics of the vehicle.

    These units also include a heavy gauge calibrated spring for extra control and comfort. A new pair of Monroe Sensa-Trac load adjusting shock absorbers can assist in maintaining ride height when up to 1,200 lbs*. of additional weight is loaded. These units are ideal for light trucks that carry varying loads or tow trailers.
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    our lead tech at work has put the monroe coil overs in every truck he has owned 4x4 and 4x2, with out any bad outcomes. think of them as AAL they are made for additional load capacity,

    the air bag system is a great way to go if you are hauling very heavy things but are expensive compared to coil overs
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    If your current shocks are still serviceable, then for about the same price you could install an adjustable ride control kit like the Airlift model 59501. Amazon sells 'em for $179 w/ out tax or shipping. The installs don't take very long and are fairly straight forward.

    If your driving your truck back and forth and aren't trailering 100% of the time that gives you the ability to "pump" up your air springs only when you have the trailer hitched up. For more money you can go all out and install the compressor system.

    If you need more support for a heavy trailer, there's also the LoadLifter 5000 by Airlift model 57250, but it's going to cost you more.

    I have coil springs instead of leafs on the Tahoe which made the install cheaper and quicker. I didn't put a compressor in and I just fill up the bags with a tire compressor whenever I hitch up the Travel Trailer.

    Won't hurt to go with shocks though. Hope that helps.
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    Unfortunately they are original and are shot so I have to replace them.

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