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    Ive got several guns rugar 10/22 sks baretta cougar 40 s&w s&w m&p 40 s&w m&p 9mm (wifes) havent yet shot the s&w s yet with luck this weekend just got them so kinda want to see how they shoot.
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    Hey does anybody remember the thread we had with the gun locker for our Burbs? I think that would be a good addition to this one for those that didn’t get to see it.
  3. MD4x4 Fireman

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    That would be nice to see, I wanna put something in my truck once I get a gun for when I head to the range
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  5. 84fiero123

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  6. black jack

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    nice idea but i dont have room for it anyway i keep my hand gun under the cup holder in the console and it has some room for a couple boxes of ammo.
  7. MD4x4 Fireman

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  8. zippy

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    Hey, doesn't everyone know: Gears 'N' Guns Go Great Together!

    I grew up in a gun free home, but learned to shoot properly under the auspicious of the ROTC and shot on their small bore team. Growing up in Los Angeles, shooting opportunities were limited to ranges, plinking required a tank of gas to get out of town.
    I didn't buy a firearm until I was 21. Since then I've acquired some more. 'OEM' type plinkers, custom competition arms and a few 'project' junkers.
    Of all the shooting sports, my heart belongs to Skeet. I was introduced to it while away at college, and joined a nearby rural gun club. After college, with my career and family, my shooting became infrequent. After my only child went off to college, I decided to start shooting regularly again. I joined a club that had an active competition schedule and included the world Skeet camp in it's membership. The level of shooting (and knowledge) was a quantum step up from the old college club. It wasn't long until I was practicing 3-days a week and competing on the weekends. This lasted for about 20-years until a progressive disability greatly restricted my shooting (and life in general). I'm a life member of the National Skeet Shooting Assn, and an Endowment Life Member of the NRA.
    I reload the 4 standard shot-shells gauges, and for the handguns, I start from scratch casting my own bullets and load in .38, .44 and .45. Some good news in response to:
    Buying primers and powder in bulk, I can turn out .38's cheaper than you can buy good .22LRs. Presently relaxing in the my gun vault are:
    Military type arms:
    Musket 'English Enfield' type .57 or .58 Cal. (percussion) Civil War original • Ruger, Old Army KPB-,7 .45 (percussion), SA Revolver, Based on Remington M1958 • Navy .36 (percussion) SA Revolver, EIS replica of Colt M1851 'Navy' • New Army .44 (percussion) SA Revolver, Pietta replica of Remington M1958 • Colt, New Service (US Army) DA Revolver .45 Colt • S & W, US Army Model 1917, DA Revolver, .45 ACP/Auto Rim • Mauser, Model '93, 7 MM, Rifle, Spanish-American War • U S Carbine, M-1 (WWII, Korea, Vietnam)

    Western/Cowboy type arms:
    Texas Longhorn, Grover's #5, .44 Rem Mag, SA Revolver, Limited edition of 1200 • Ruger, New Blackhawk KPBN36, .375 Rem Mag, SA Revolver based on Colt SSA • Hartfrord Bisley, .45 Colt, SA Revolver, EMF replica of Colt 'P' Mod 1894 • Rossi Puma, .357 Rem. Mag, Lever action carbine, Based on Winchester Mod 92

    Comp. Guns, Service Rifle:
    Colt, Sporter Match H-BAR, .223(heavy), Service Rifle, Based on AR-15 (Now a CA Reg Assualt weapon)

    Comp. Guns, Skeet and Trap:
    Perazzi Mirage, Skeet, 12-ga. (Tubes add .410, 28 & 20Ga.), 28" Over/Under, JS Air Stock • Perazzi SCO (MX-3), Skeet, 12-ga. (Tubes add .410, 28 & 20Ga.), 28" Over/Under, Factory tula • Perazzi MX-8, Skeet, 12-ga. (Tubes add .410, 28 & 20Ga.), 30" Over/Under • Berretta Trap Combo Set, 12-ga. Over/under + Over-only, ShockMaster G-2 stock • Remington 1100 Trap SA, 12-ga. Auto Shotgun, 30" Trap + 26" Skeet

    Comp. Guns, Bullseye:
    Volquartsen-Ruger, Mark I, .22 LR, Target, 6 3/4", Pistol • S & W, Model 41 Target, .22 LR, 5-1/2"(heavy) + 7", Pistol • S & W, 38 Master, Mod 52-2, .38 S & W Special Mid-Range Wad Cutter, Pistol • S & W, Model 10-8, Heavy bbl, .38 S & W Special, DA Revolver, Bo-mar winged rib • Colt, Gold Cup, Enhanced (SS), .45 ACP, Pistol • S & W, Model 625-4, Model of 1989 (SS), .45 ACP/Auto Rim, DA Revolver

    Misc. Arms:
    Walther, PPK/S (SS), .380 Auto, Pocket Pistol • BayState, .410-bore, Hinge action shotgun external hammer • Ruger 10/22PB, .22 LR, Carbine • Stevens 'Springfield' Mod 15, .22 LR, Single shot, turn bolt rifle
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    We should start a GMTruckClub shooting club. ;-) Too bad we're all spread around the globe. ;-)
  10. black jack

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    steve thatd be a great idea but from what the polls look if cough cough if hilery gets in our gun rights will be doooomed. from what i seen in the florida polls so far shes leading 60 percent not good. what did all these people forget bill sold our nuclear plans to china. dam commy.

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