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    Hello, all

    I am a newby with a 1991 1500 4x4. I am in desprate need of a shop manual so I can remove my front rotors and replace the upper and lower ball joints.


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    For that kind of job you need Haynes or Chiltons. Probably hard to find as downloads.

    Or, just dismantle wheels, brakes, rotors, joints and put it back with new spares. If you take it slow and document what you do when taking it apart (a series of digital photos along the way helps a lot), it's usually not that hard. You might need a special tool or two, but you can always come back here and ask what and how.

    This autumn I changed both front axis on my Grand Cherokee using Haynes manual, but I could just as well have done it without the book.

    This thread might give you some ideas: (it's a '97 Sub. Don't know the difference from yours)

    Here's another:
    how to replace a lower ball joint on a 1994 chevy 4x4

    Get the answer below

    you will have to pull apart the spindle assembly. to do this you remove the tie rod, brakes, sway bar link, any abs related wires, the rotor, the half shaft bolt, and any other items in the way of the nuts to the ball joint. You will also have to take the tension off the tensioner spring (tortion bar). to do this you disconnect the hold down nut at the end of the bar. have the bar itself held with a breaker bar. slowly release the tension by letting the bar spring to it's position of unloaded. the ball joint is probably pressed into the control arm. use a ball joint press to push it out. get that at Autozone loan a tool program. if riveted in, use a grinder to cut the heads of the rivets off.

    this is a big job. some possibility of slight injury with the tortion bar. Not too difficult. take your time and all should go well.

    Finally - I have the Haynes Repair Manual for the '99 - '02 Sub and could copy and send you the "replace ball joint" part (it's only two pages). But first you need to check if it's valid for your '91. Guess you could ask any GM / Chevy shop.

    Good luck!
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    Shop manuals free on-line

    Shop manuals free on-line

    Go on-line and check out your local library (or any public library) for data bases and other resources available from out side the library. Form my city and county libraries, I have access to "EBSCOHost" which hosts "Auto Repair Reference Center". Your library may provide the same, or similar, but you'll probably have to provide your library card number. I just reviewed the procedure ahead of you on-line faster than I could have looked it up in my manual.

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