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    I think my truck has a short some ware. Its a 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 4.8L. I thought my battery just went bad. I replaced it with a new one and well I have a dead battery again. I cant remember how to check for a short. My dad use to use a multimeter and disconnect the positive cable and connect it between the positive lead and the positive cable. I don't remember how to do this exactly, or what setting to use on the multimeter. Also once you have verified your vehicle has a short how do you trouble shoot it to find out which circuit it is on? I think it has something to do with pulling fuses. Last but not least in the slim chance that I bought a bad battery, is there a way to check the battery for an internal short? The battery is currently on the charger, once its done Ill use my battery tester on it then go from their

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    First off I would get the battery load tested. They will do it at any auto parts store like NAPA, Advanced, AutoZone, Oreilly etc....
    If the battery tests good then the troubleshooting begins. If there is a short that is killing your battery it will draw a good bit of current. Put a volt meter between the positive terminal of the battery and the positive lead with the lead removed from the battery. Pull each fuse out one at a time checking voltage and current drawn. If you see a large drop when pulling a certain fuse, check to see what it feeds. If you have any aftermarket electrical add on on like aftermarket lights, stereo or so on, I would suspect those first. good luck and hope you find the problem.

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