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  1. I have a '97 k1500 with a blown motor. I have a short block out of a '95 tahoe. can I use this block if I use the heads off of my '97? Or is there other things I will Have to change please let me know.
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    I know that the 88-95 were TBI motors and in 96 they switched to the vortec motor, my initial guess would be that the blocks are different:neutral:
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    Just did some more snooping and the 93 motor has a different style cam in it then the TBI motor and it would appear there are some other parts that would have swap over, so yes it would work but its just not a straight swap of heads and intake. Depending on what is wrong with the 97 motor it might be easier to just rebuild or get a used one from a junkyard, I know in my area they run $300-$500.
  4. Thanx for the info

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