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  1. Curky

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    well, I would just like it bigger.

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    I do plain on keeping it for the long haul. At least until it dies. Going off road in it, is not the plain. Maybe a little, nothing crazy at all. I like the way they look big. I would love to go off road but know that really isn’t going to happen with this. That is the first I heard of a 2WD going off road. I see that getting stuck in sand. Shows what I know. My kid go’s of to college in 2 years and as soon as I find out how much that will coast me after grants, scholarships and then grandparent. I pain on building something to take off road. Just don’t know if I should start with a jeep or truck there. So, this truck I have is my everyday driver. I like big.
    Thank you every one for you advice. All opinions help (positive or negative). As of right now my tires are P265/70R 17 Wranglers AT/S.
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  2. moogvo

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    Hey! Big is great! When you pick something to be an off-roader, make sure to factor in the types of off-roading you will be doing. Keep us updated with pictures!

    My brother in law came over here the other day with his newly lifted and re-geared Jeep Grand Cherokee with all the good stuff. 6 inches of lift and 37" tall tires. He made it into a capable trail rig including air lockers, ARB Air bumpers and a 12k pound Warn winch. The only off roading he will do with it is when he turns off of the road and into a parking lot. I guess it baffles me to see him spending so much money on something just to get bad mileage, loud ride and compromised handling. I suppose it would have made better sense for him to take a 2 wheel drive and do that... It would probably have been much cheaper as well. Keep in mind that he is broke more often than not. It seemed like a waste of money for someone who struggles to pay the bills. I suppose I was still shaking my head, thinking about his rig and all of the money he spent on it when I replied to yours.

    ALSO: He had to replace the engine a while back... Instead of spending money to get a known good engine, he took a chance on a cheap salvage yard unit. he never even opened it up to see what it looked like inside before paying someone to put it in. I personally would have spent the money on running gear for it to make sure it would actually run good instead of worrying about people stripping the goodies off of it on the side of the road because of a blown engine that might have 250,000 miles on it.
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  3. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    To echo Moogvo, be sure to factor in what type of offroading you'll be doing. That will help determine what type of vehicle to get. Another thing to consider is whether you will be driving it to the offroad spot or towing it. If you're towing it, you don't have to worry so much about street legal. Also, yes, 2WD can be cheaper depending what you're looking to do. Well, I'm pretty sure it's always cheaper. What you're doing to it will just determine whether it's A LOT cheaper or a bit. And for quite a while, people were using 2wd a lot for pre-runners. You just couldn't get the same travel and clearance with a 4wd. That's beginning to change as the gap is closing and 4wd will always have the advantage of saving your butt at times. It's still cheaper and easier to get the same travel from a 2wd though and always will be. Just have to hope you don't get stuck.

    If this helps at all Curky, my build plans for my truck are going to be leaning heavily toward desert and other open land running with capability to get around other places. However, with a truck my size it just doesn't make sense to build it around wooded areas since I wouldn't even be able to make many of the turns anyway. Wheelbase will also effect clearance. For this purpose, I'm planning to get a early to mid 90s cherokee. I'm getting a sense of de ja vu right now and I'm apparently too lazy to look back in the thread, but I think I might have already mentioned all that.

    Anyway, I've looked around ebay and CL and you can find rigs like I just mentioned with a lift, tires, winch, and all that for a couple thousand and ready to go out on the trail.
  4. Ridyn

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    It's your truck, do what makes you happy. However, do us all a favor and stop with the grammar errors!
  5. Curky

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    Your brother in law is crazy.:whistle: If I had something like that I don’t think it would see much pavement. I am not rich by any means but I’m conferrable. It will take me a while to save with my wedding coming up and trying to help mom save her house. When I put my mind to something I think I have a 95% follow through. Lol
    I can’t believe he didn’t even do a re-build. I’m no mechanic but if I take it apart I can put it back together.
    I have P265/70R17 on right now. If I went P275/70R17. That would give me about 1 in.? I would not do it now my tires are bran new but the next 5 I was thinking. I think I want to go a total of 4in on this truck

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    Sorry, Your such a nice guy. Thanks budy!!
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  6. Ridyn

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    Not a problem, I asked the same question before about the 2 wheel drive lift concern. In the end, you're the one that has to drive it and you're also the one that paid for the job to be done. You have to pay for the gas and everything that goes along with owning the truck, if you let someone convince you how to spend your own money let me know. That way I can convince you to throw some of that cash my way so I can get some things done to my truck as well!
  7. ChevyFan

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    Sounds like you got some good plans and options as well. I want an off-road beast myself.
  8. Curky

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    I thank you all for your opinions. I truly do.
    @ RIDYN - On the other hand, something has been bothering me about a comment here. I have sat on it for a couple of days and can’t forget about it no matter how hard I try. So, not trying to start a fight or augment. Maybe if you would like to comment on someone’s grammar. Sit back and think are they just not educated or did something happen to cause it. In my case; I am well educated but some things don’t make since to me anymore, Due to having brain surgery.
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  9. moogvo

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    I wouldnt pay his comments any attention. Besides... with other members posting crap like that, it starts making me look like less of an ass! LOL!!!
  10. Curky

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    Thanks, :rofl: I was going to let it go. I just could not do it. Not a lot gets to me but that did, I
    He gave a good option before that and I appreciate that. You just never know. I needed to defend myself. Was not trying to start anything, I figured that It gave me a good reason to share some sweet pictures of my brain. :great:

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