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Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by LuckyRugger, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. LuckyRugger

    LuckyRugger New Member

    Show me your car trailers...I'm looking for some ideas of what type of trailer I want to buy to put my jeep on.
  2. patrickholland47

    patrickholland47 New Member

    Hello LuckyRagger. Here's a picture of my car trailer. I hope this picture of will help you to catch some ideas for your car.

  3. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    16' deck, 7000lb GVWR (5400lb load capacity) tandem brake axle PJ trailer with:

    • removable sides panels that double as side-loading ramps for side-loading capability up front
    • removable, spring-assisted rear gate
    • removable aluminum diamond plate fenders
    • removable front and side framing
    • 7000lb top-wind jack
    • break-away kit
    • 15" radials

    With all items in place the trailer serves as a landscape trailer and/or toy hauler. With all items removed the trailer converts to a flat car or small tractor hauler. It has no dovetail, as I hate those. I added a tongue box and extended the license plate lighting's wiring to move the plate to the spring-assisted rear gate so it wouldn't be destroyed by speed bumps and the like. I have a weather proof quick disconnect in place so that I can easily remove the rear gate and relocate the license plate if I want to use the trailer with the rear gate off.



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