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  1. Hello everybody, I just bought a 2003 Sierra Denali with higher miles, naturally the leather drivers seat is torn up. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a replacement 10way power heated leather drivers seat? My seats are the smoke grey leather. I would like to maintain the power and the heat, but if anyone knows good quality comfortable after market seats I am open to suggestions.

    I am also looking at a Sherwood Dash kit.
    Factory replacement steering wheel from
    Bull bar and bed rails.
    Nitto Terra Grapplers. 265/70R17 113s (anyone know if these will rub the wheel wells? Quadrasteer)
    Clarion NX509 Indash NAV

    Any other suggestions or adice about the above is aprreciated, Thanks.
  2. TritonBoulder47

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    I'd check the salvage yards in your area... I'd also look into taking it to an upholstery shop and see if the can re-upholster it... It might be cheaper that way...
  3. TRPLXL2

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    All those leather seats are is expensive seat covers, they come right off and are easy to replace instead of tearing out the whole seat. I had my whole Silverado done for $1,000 in two tone leather, two captain's chairs center console and full rear bench seat. They also have OEM colors so you could get the driver's side to match the rest if you didn't have the money to do all of them, It might cost you $200 for a brand new seat cover in the leather OEM color of your choice.
  4. Thanx TRPLXL2

    Thanks, that is solid advice. Unfortunately I'll only be back for a couple weeks, but maybe I'll throw some covers on for now and have a custom set made for next time I'm back.
  5. Update

    Well, I decided to go with Iggee seat covers off of another thread, but I would definitely like some katzkins down the road.
  6. TRPLXL2

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    Yeah I saw those Iggee seat covers Mike put up on the other thread, Katzkin is expensive but they are worth it once you get the money saved up. The Iggee covers have got to be cheaper than trying to buy a Denali seat replacement, those parts are like Cadillac parts they are solid gold. :money:
  7. Actually they aren't as exspensive as I thought, I set a budget for myself to spend on this truck right now, I'm pretty happy with how much i'm going to be able to do for the 2500 I'm spending on improvements.
  8. s5belford

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    Did you check at salvage yards, if you can find one I think thats the way to go, if you don't have any luck there I'd also try an upholstry shop.
  9. Nope, I went ahead and got Iggee seat covers for now, it was $390, but they are custom and will be for the whole truck instead of just the drivers seat. I haven't seen the other seats yet, so this way I cover my bases.
  10. 2003 GMC Denali

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    I saw these guys at 2010 SEMA.

    They claim to match our Leather bang on.

    You can buy just the Seat Bottom if thats all you need.

    Their Site doesn't look like its finished... but I have a Brochure and I talked to the owners... so I think they are legit. I would give them a Phone-call.

    Brian Verhalen is the President and he can be reached at

    "Called to check them out. Spoke with Matt. He and his brother own/operate the company. Quoted $199 for the bottom and $205 for the upper. $35 for an armrest if you are ordering a bottom or top. Normally the armrest will run you $50."

    Here's a thread on our Site discussing these Seat Cover replacements, complete with Pictures.

    You might have to log in, if you haven't already.

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