Silver Lake, Michigan

Discussion in 'MI - Michigan Chevy Truck Club' started by FergusonT, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. FergusonT

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    Anybody have any experience on the dunes at Silver Lake? I would like to get the suburban there next year sometime just to tool around, and maybe after the s-10 is worked a bit, tow that up there too.
  2. auzivision

    auzivision Rockstar

    Awesome place for trucking. I didn't have mine up there, but the town and dunes are totally full of cool trucks and every kind of 4X4 you can imagine. I rented a dune duggie for a few hours and had a total blast! Highly recommend the area. Plenty of thing to do for the hole family.
  3. FergusonT

    FergusonT Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    Yeap...really wanted to go this year but didnt have good shocks/tires on the year for sure. I sent my wife some videos of it from youtube...she said it looked like thats good.
  4. auzivision

    auzivision Rockstar

    There is a little town about 10 or 15 minutes north full of girly type shops that should keep her happy for a while. Plus there is a real cool lighthouse you could take a sunset walk by and score some points.

    I need to practice posting pictures on this forum and so following are just a couple:

    Pentwater 2009 111.jpg

    Pentwater 2009 109.jpg

    Pentwater 2009 123.jpg

    Pentwater, MI 071 Mini.JPG
  5. auzivision

    auzivision Rockstar

    Wow... that ate up like half my allot photo space on this site... what's up with that?
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  6. FergusonT

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    yeah there isnt a lot of space for pics...but man...I really wanna get out to the dunes.....I was watching some video of some guys doin a hill climb there...and over in the corner of the screen you see this little subaru make it up to the top with no problem...Made my miss my Legacy.
  7. tbplus10

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    I went to Silver Lake Dunes back in 1997 with my Cousin, we towed 2 sand rails out there with his dually Chevy, the truck got stuck while we were unloading the rails and stayed stuck for 3 days while we played. It took 5 hours of digging, a 12500lb winch, a sand anchor, and 2 sand jacks to get it out but we had a blast.
    Dont know if they still let ya camp out in designated areas of the dunes but back then they did.
    A great place, I'd like to go back someday.

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