Silverado 2500 good first car?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by IHateSnow, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. PearlWhiteLTZ

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    If you are anything like me when i was 16, and im sure the vast majority of other 16 year old new drivers, You've already made up your mind and have your heart set on getting that 2500 duramax. You aren't here looking to find out why you shouldn't get one, but to hear more reasons TO get one..
    Like i said before, I couldn't afford to go big right off the bat, so i settled for my Yota (which I loved). If you can afford it, go for it. It'll either be a great truck, or a learning experience...either way, you win...
  2. SurrealOne

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    That has to be the most polite way of saying 'you can't tell a teenager anything' that I've ever read. LOL
  3. phonfish

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    My 06 Duramax is a fine truck, but, you have to spend more on maintainence than you would on a 2500 gas. You might want to rethink this purchase. I would think it is way too expensive for you to operate this vehicle. Not to bust your bubble, but start out with something smaller. That way you will know what it costs to operate any vehicle. If you find out that you are making enough money and can do alot of the maintainence yourself, then buy one.

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