Silverado 5.3 Gas Mileage

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  1. Pikey

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    with my 02 silverado 2 wheel drive. 5.3L, 3.43 rear end. stock except a jet power programmer and k&n filter. I used to get 24-26mpg on the highway doing 72mph with the AC on. If I sped up to 80-85mph it would drop to about 20mpg. This was all hand calculations as the truck did not have a DIC with avg mpg readout
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  2. phoebeisis

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    17-18 mpg at an honest 80 mph- is GREAT!
    25 mpg at 80 mph- is the best SBC numbers at 80 mph that I've ever heard of.
    What is you actual "tank" mpg 4.8 vs 5.3 ?
    Not what the NAV system tells you- but actual calculated mpg-distance traveled from trip meter divided by gallons pumped in.
    I don't have a 5.3 or 4.8- but I'm a mpg NUT.
    And in general the 5.3(same year motor vs same year motor) gives the same mpg as the 4.8-the same or so close as to not matter.
    Now GM did improve the mpg every few years-so maybe the 2007 4.8 had a slight mpg over the 2004 5.3- but I wouldn't guess it to be 7 mpg better-maybe 2-3 at best.

    I would check actual mpg-manually calculating it for several tanks. If you get 15 mpg in mixed driving-you are doing OK.
    Did you ever actually measure the mpg on the 4.8-not NAV numbers-actually hand calculate it?
    Don't trust the NAV numbers
    In any case 17 mpg at 80 mph-awfully good! 25 mpg at 80 mph-I wouldn't trust the NAV if it told me that.
  3. SurrealOne

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    That's crazy mpg...
  4. Pikey

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    The first time I figured it out I was shocked. So, I did it with every highway road trip for 6 months and came up with the same answer give or take 1mpg. The kid that bought the truck from me called me about a month after I sold it. He said "I had to call, I thought you were BSing me about the mpg, you were right, and if I drive slower I can get it even higher". To bad that truck was not big enough for the growing family.
  5. SurrealOne

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    2WD truck, I presume...
  6. Pikey

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    yes, 2 wheel drive
  7. Chad513

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    What do you mean by rate? I'm going in as an E1. Doing aviation electronics.
  8. tbplus10

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    E1 = Rank Ranks are as follows - E-1/E-9 Enlisted O-1/O-10 Officer OE-1/OE-4 Officer former Enlisted CWO-1/CWO-4 (5 for Army) Chief Warrant Officer

    Aviation Electronics = Rating
    Are you going as an AE = Aviation Electrician
    Or an AT = Avionics Technician
    Big difference between the two skills although they work side by side and in the same shop most times.
    Before the end of boot camp you'll be expected to know the difference between Navy rating and Navy rank, the different insignias for each each rate, the basic job each rate does, and the different ranks.

    Another member on the site Rileyjr16 will be leaving for Navy boot camp in a few days.

    I retired USN with 25 yrs active duty, in as an E-1 out as a CWO4, held every enlisted rank from E-1 to E-9 (a couple I had the distinction of holding more than once unfortunately) before going CWO. Enjoy it's a great job and you'll learn and see more in any one year on active duty than you would in 5 years of civilian life.
  9. rileyjr16

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    I'm on Airman Pact but I'm gonna push for AWS (Helicopter Aircewman). I'm leaving Tuesday for the hotel and going to MEPS and airport Wednesday and get there early Thursday AM I think. If I like it I'll put in 20 years worth.
  10. Chad513

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    Yeah I'm going in as an AV. I was trying to get IT but I have a kind of large record so I couldn't get it and he said if you like computers then this would be pretty close experience so I was like lets do it. Well thanks for the info. I'm a little nervous on what I have to know, there is a lot. haha

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