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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by bigbluesub, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. bigbluesub

    bigbluesub Rockstar

    So my wife says, I hear a metal grinding when I brake. First I'm glad she listens!!! So it is coming from the rear. I pull off the rear wheels and at first all looks good. Upon closer inspection, the right inner pad is completely gone (the other three pads look like new) so I'm in it for pads and calipers. Then I look closer and the rotors are really tore up and rusty. Ok, add two rotors. I pull one rotor off and find the backing plate is almost rusted away and the E-Brake is almost down to the metal. Add E-Brake and new backing plate. So what I hoped would be a $30 & twenty minute brake job, has snowballed into a $300 and several day brake job!!!

    Thank goodness I can do myself, I'm sure it would have been a bundle at the dealer.......
  2. bigbluesub

    bigbluesub Rockstar

    So I have it all tore apart now. I took a quick look at the two piece dust shield. It didn't go right on, I'll have to finesse it in after work.
    I hope it goes on ok.
  3. pmf608

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    If you still have it apart, I strongly suggest getting rid of that 2-piece dust shield. TAKE IT BACK, THROW IT OUT, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET RID OF THAT CRAP! I had to replace my backing plates about 2 months ago, and I used the 2-piece backing plates. They still rub, no matter how much I finesse them, and I'm going to have to do them again. They occasionally don't rub, but when they're not rubbing, they rattle when you go over any bump at all... no matter how small it is.

    So, If you haven't already put everything back together, I would advise going and getting the 1 piece ones from the dealer. At least you know that they'll fit properly, and that's what I'm going to do.
  4. rileyjr16

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    Don't ya hate when that crap happens. Mine was E-brake rubbing on rotor, then A/C belt tensioner, then burnt up transfer case which is still getting driven on until hopefully mid-late next week when I get the new/remanned one and send the old hunk a junk one back.
  5. bigbluesub

    bigbluesub Rockstar

    The 2 piece shields actually went on ok and seem solid enough, I haven't put the rotors on yet. Why haven't I, well of course something went wrong.
    One of the little screws that hold on the E-brake shoes broke......... That ended my evening. Looks like I can remove a lug nut and get a line on drilling out the broken piece.
  6. bigbluesub

    bigbluesub Rockstar

    Ok, removed a lug stud and drilled out my broken screw. The hole goes all the way thru so it was not too bad. Good news, the e-brake shoes come with new screws and brackets. Adjusted the parking brake and put every thing back together. Brakes feel great and the parking brake works (it had stopped working a month or so ago)
  7. billnorman

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    And that's why they went back to drum brakes on the rear.

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