Silverado Classic Speaker Probs - Bad Ground?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by rmallory, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. rmallory

    rmallory New Member

    I've been having troubles on and off with losing one or both of the front speakers in my Silverado. No popping or cracking or anything that sounds like a speaker going bad. And when they do start working - they sound good as new. I've never any problems with the back speakers.

    Recently I've noticed that when I drive the truck to work in the morning, the front speakers are out. When I get back in the truck at the end of the afternoon, one or both speakers are working. Dampness? Bad ground? Any ideas?
  2. Ares89Burb

    Ares89Burb New Member

    Possibly dampness, however speakers are not grounded. They have a positive and a negative running to the radio head unit and that is it. Even though they are screwed into the doors/wherever that is just a mount. I would check to make sure that your insulation on the wiring hasn't worn through, and check connections at the head unit and at the speaker to make sure they aren't loose. Places to check the insulation on wiring would be around corners where metal is present and could rub possibly wearing down insulation.
  3. rmallory

    rmallory New Member

    Thanks! It's weird - no other electrical weirdness except for the front speakers.

    Another bad thing is no front speaker, no door chimes. My wife locked the keys in the truck the other day because she didn't realize they were still hanging in the ignition.
  4. rmallory

    rmallory New Member

    Okay, everything looks buttoned up. It did it again yesterday - no front speakers in the AM, both working in the PM. The only difference I can see is temperature and humidity. Could something become loose fitting when it contracts in the morning and connects up when it expands in the afternoon?

    That said, my wife told me that one of the front speakers came on the other day when she shifted from Drive to Reverse.

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