Silverado North Dakota edition????

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    Just bought a 2005 silverado 1500 crew cab. On the seats and ont he bow and tailgate it says it's the North Dakota adventure edition? I have tried to do some research on this and found nothing? Can anyone tell me what this package is???:great:
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    here are some pics!


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    GM to Offer Special North Dakota Version of Popular Truck at Six State Dealers.

    Publication: Bismarck Tribune (Bismarck, ND)

    Publication Date: 07-MAY-04

    COPYRIGHT 2004 The Bismarck Tribune

    Byline: Mark Hanson

    May 7--Western North Dakota has a version of the Chevrolet Silverado pickup it can call its own. The North Dakota Adventure Edition, available only at six dealerships in the state, was unveiled Tuesday morning in Bismarck.

    The special edition truck is part of the North Dakota Lewis and Clark merchandise program. The Silverado features special logos on the door, tailgate and driver's side rear fender. It also comes with embroidered headrests and a custom key chain.

    Also, the North Dakota Adventure Edition comes in an exclusive autumn wood custom color, which is a gold tone with silver flecks.

    Steve Griffin, advertising and marketing manager for Chevrolet's Rocky Mountain Region, said the trucks are already on the market and the first production run calls for 200 pickups.

    "We can go up or down. We're able to produce as the market demands," he said. "We'll produce as long as there's a demand."

    The six western North Dakota dealerships that will carry the special edition truck are Stan Puklich Chevrolet in Bismarck, Ressler Chevrolet in Mandan, Dean Bender Chevrolet in Killdeer, Sax Motor Co. in Dickinson, Ryan Chevrolet in Minot and Murphy Motors in Williston.

    Griffin said the dealers, who are part of West Dakota Dealer Association, came up with the idea. It took about half a year to complete the project, he said.

    "The tie-in to Lewis and Clark, that's important to the state," Griffin said. "It's a very historic event."

    Commercial vendors can brand products with the North Dakota Lewis and Clark bicentennial logo through the merchandise program, which in turn collects royalty fees from the vendors. The money is given as grants to businesses, event promoters and tourism marketing organizations promoting Lewis and Clark events.

    The program is handled through the state Tourism Division.

    "We encourage commercial vendors to use this North Dakota logo on their products," said Sara Otte Coleman, state tourism director. "It not only promotes the state, but it shows that businesses recognize the integral part Lewis and Clark played in our state's heritage."

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