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  1. Fudgeyoutoo04

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    the spider gears ate themselves in the rear end of my 03 silverado 1500 4x4, manual, 3.73 gears. problem is i was looking to plop an eaton posi unit in the thing, but the truck is not already equipped with this and the gm dealer said that the housings were different between the posi and the one tire fire rear end i have now. the question is , does anyone make a posi unit for this application, or should i just call the dealer and have them order up new spider gears?
  2. Jimmiee

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    Call Randy's ring and pinion. They have your posi and it's way cheaper than the dealer. Click here
  3. MrShorty

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    Can anyone else confirm this? When I blew up my G80, the shop that rebuilt my diff never mentioned any difference between the open housing and the G80 housing. Also didn't have any trouble with aftermarket units either (I ended up putting an ARB selectable locker in there). If you were thinking of putting a factory G80 in there, maybe they were trying to gently steer you away from it without badmouthing it themselves since they work for GM (the 10 bolt G80 doesn't have a very good reputation). Or maybe it's an NBS thing, but over the couple of years I've been visiting sites like this, this is the first time I've heard anyone say anything about a different housing for the G80 vs open carriers.

    As noted, there are plenty of aftermarket options. If your carrier is still good, you could put a "lunchbox" locker in there instead of spider gears. If your carrier survived, this is probably the cheapest option.

    If you want a limited slip, Eaton's clutch type LS seems to come highly recommended or the Detroit Truetrac which is a geared LS (no clutches to wear out).

    If you need to replace your carrier, or decide you want a carrier replacing locker, then you could go with something like a Detroit locker (which is automatic) or a selectable locker (like the ARB or Eaton's e-locker).

    Lots of options. A GM dealer may not want to install any of the aftermarket units -- you'd have to ask them. As noted, a place like Randy's or any local 4x4/offroad shop should be able to get you the parts.
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  4. Fudgeyoutoo04

    Fudgeyoutoo04 New Member

    well i'll be doing it with one of my friends who's a mechanic, i'm just mech. no dealer there, and thanks for the answers on that, with the housing i'm just going with what the dealer said...but thanks and i'll check randy's out and such
  5. Jimmiee

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    The dealer is right. The G-80 housing is very different than the open housing. In any event your better off buying a new diff. I like the classic Eaton posi as it's called by Chevrolet. It's always working and it won't explode like the G-80. You install it and forget it's there. On the other hand a posi will slip as it's name implies, although it's a limited slip it still slips. For all out 4 wheeling off road a locker is a better choice. I have a Detroit Locker in the rear of my land cruiser. You have to learn how to drive with a Detroit locker. If you are going 70 MPH in a turn and you let off the gas, watch out! You will change lanes in a heartbeat! LOL
    An ARB on the other hand is always off until you need it. IMO the ARB is the best setup because you can controll it and it isn't working and wearing parts and tire until you engage it. I have an ARB in the front of my Toyota.
    My Silverado has the ticking Time Bomb G-80. It's there till it explodes cause I have too many other things on my wish list in front of it.

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