Silverado rear end carrier disasembly help

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by mainiac1, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. mainiac1

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    Hey guys,
    Trying to disasemble a GT4 carrier on my 2001 silverado in order to replace the syder gears(one is toast, but other gears including ring and pinion look good/no wear). Trying to remove the thrust block after removing the lock bolt and center pin. It appears that on the other side of the carrier there are a set of spring loaded clamps/dogs that won't let me rotate the block inside the carrier in order to remove it. Any body tackled this before with good results?
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    GT4 refers to the gear ratio 3.73. Do you have a G80 code (for the Eaton gov-lock carrier) or is it a conventional open carrier? I haven't disassembled them myself, but I know the procedure is different between the two carriers. It would also make some difference if it's a full floater (2500 and up) or a semi-floater (1500s), because of the C-clips on the end of the axleshaft on the semifloater.
  3. mainiac1

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    Its a G80 and I figured it out today. The thrust block has access holes on each side that IF properly aligned allow you to push the axles in toward the carrier and let you pull out the axle c-clips. Was too intent on moving the thrust block around inside the carrier that I missaligned the axle c-clip holes and couldn't push the axles in to access the c-clips. Last time I was into a Rearend eas a 92 S10 and didn't have this thrust block, sio when the pin came out there was nothing in the way of the axle c-clips. The rest of it came apart pretty easy. Looks like I can get away with replacing only the pass side axle drive gear and 2 of the spyder gear washers. Am also gonna replace the axle seals so I don't find myself reliving this job in the near future for axle seals leaking. Thanks for your reply Mrshorty

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