Silverado/Sierra Shopping. Need some questions answered.

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Goose, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Goose

    Goose New Member

    Hi all, I'm new here. I currently drive and '01 s10 4.3L 2wd ext cab. I really like it, but I'm a big guy, just a half an inch shy of 6 ft, 215 lbs, and when I'm going places by myself it's not to bad. But when I go play paintball or something, if I go somewhere (Wal-Mart for instance) I can't leave all my stuff in the bed for fear of people stealing it and it's to crowded in the cab with all that stuff, especially with two people. I am looking at getting a full-size truck. I would really like a z71 package and step up to a 4x4. I have a few questions about them though.

    I will definatly need an ext cab.
    1. I don't really have to tow much so I'm looking at the 5.3 motor, is this a good choice and does it have decent taking off power?
    2. I have heard that all z71 models come with a posi rear-end (spins both back tires) is this true? My s10 has the "one wheel peel". Is the z71 package a good choice?
    3. What kind of gas milege should I expect out of them? (1500, ext. cab, 4x4, 5.3L)
    4. How much gas mileage difference should I see between 4x4 and 2x4 models? (Steet tires)
    5. How much gas mileage difference should I see between automaic and 5 speed models?

    Let me know if there is anything else I should look for or stay away from. Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. bob13

    bob13 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    My last 2 trucks have the 5.3 and I think the power is great and I tow a camper. The extend cab is definitely the way to go. Ihave had an extcab since 92 and if you bring anything at all with you they are great. My 02 Z71 got about 12 mpg around town and maybe 17 on the highway. My 07 recently got 20.5 on the highway for a 270 mile trip I went on. I have not had a 2wd so I can't help you there. As far as the POSI, if anyone knows different I am sure they will chime in, the rearend is designed to provide power to both wheels but that does not mean you will lay dual burn-outs. I wouldnt be worried about doing burnouts with a stock 4X4. Good luck!
  3. CarpenterGuy

    CarpenterGuy Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    i'm getting 16 mpg in my truck right now without touching the highway. the new model silverados get about 18 mpg according to what i've heard. the 5.3 packs plenty of power and has great take off. if you want more though, you can add simple stuff like a CAI (boosts power alot) and other stuff like i did. the G80 (the rear locking diff you speak of) is amazing and has gotten me out of many difficult situations as simple as going up a steep wet driveway. i also couldn't see me living without the Z71 4x4 package. I think your on the right track with the 5.3 Z71. the gas mileage between 4x2 and 4x4 is about 1 mpg i beleive. you can make that up easily by putting a CAI in.
  4. s5belford

    s5belford Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I have a 09 silverado 5.3 extended cab and only have about 1800 miles so my gas mileage isn't at its best yet but around town I get 12ish and on the highway 19ish. I used to have a 95 jimmy w/ the 4.3 and the power difference is unreal!!! I have the extended cab and its still not quite enough space to throw all my crap so I got a locking bed tool box and love the addition space. I would suggest the 5.3 to anyone looking for a new chevy and I'm not sure about the rear axel but you'll love the power!
  5. High Voltage

    High Voltage New Member

    my '05 will do 15ish around town/rural and I've done around 18 to 19 on trips.

    The 5.3 has been great so far.

    I would guess that you might somewhere around 1 to 2 mpg more out of a 2wd.
  6. Silver08JT

    Silver08JT New Member

    I have a two wheel drive extended cab 08. I can get 19-20 highway (and I drive fairly conservatively, no lead foot) and a low as 14 in the city. Not impressed with the AFM system. Love the 5.3. Best truck I've ever owned.
  7. dwill3015

    dwill3015 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the site Goose. I hope you find the info here you are looking for.
  8. 5speedsilverado

    5speedsilverado Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    they dont make the 5.3 in a 5 speed, i dont even think they make the 4.8 in a 5 speed anymore
  9. Goose

    Goose New Member

    Thanks guys. Most of my questions have been answered, but if anyone sees some that aren't or anything I might want to consider please post it up. Thanks everyone.

  10. Steve Maggard

    Steve Maggard New Member

    I'm right up there with most of the opinions in here. The 5.3 is a good choice for a motor, it has got more than enough power to move an extended cab 4wd truck easily down the road. I get between 15-20 mpg average which doesn't really bother me because I don't mind putting my foot into it every now and then. I do want to do some upgrades in the future to open it up a little more and maybe improve the overall mileage when it goes on an extended road trip.

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