Silverado to Cyclone conversion under the hood- Is it possible?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by PantheraUncia, Jan 12, 2012.

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    First and foremost before power mods, suspension mods, or any other mods are even thought about is, how are you going to shave 3200lbs? The Silverado is probably about double the weight os a Syclone.

    Once you've figured that out, then you can start thinking about other things to make it go fast.
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    Wow.... I heard the rumors, about the 5.3 and in that article they realized they did what they did to the 4.8L ...... So even if I didn't spend the money to get the 5.3 to 1000 or 1200 HP..... Relatively speaking I could double the stock 315hp to 630hp and not be too worried for very little money and as long as it was done right, not worry about exploding the engine or throwing the rear diff out which I would want to change anyway.

    Are there any more articles on stuff like this with the 5.3L? I was googling foever and never found anything.

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    I agree that making the truck lighter is important, it what it comes down to is the weight to power ratio right? so you may not need to shave 3200lbs but a combination of weight reduction and increase in raw HP should make it happen.
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    i have a friend that has one. fully built, 1800 hp. twin 88mm turbos.

    to put a stock motor in a full size would be bad, its a six cylinder, and it only needed to push an AWD mini truck. why dont you contact wynjammer superchargers ( they are cheep and good do it your self kits ), or find a used supercharger kit and add it to your truck. you will end up saving A LOT of money and LOTS of time.
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    In 92 I had a 1991 Special edition Marlboro Syclone I bought off a friend transfering overseas, he won it in a contest but was transferring to Italy before he could take possesion of it and he didnt think it'd survive well on Italian roads. I traded a 91 F/S Chevy Blazer and a few thousand dollars for it.
    In 1993 I traded it almost straight across at a dealership in Oakland Ca. for a 1993 Typhoon, we really needed a family sedan more than a pickup.
    I started driving the truck to work but after the third ticket my wife and I switched cars so I was driving her 88 S-15 Jimmy, we sold the Typhoon in 94 when we were stationed in Italy because it was to hard to get work done/parts and the roads over there were tearing it up.
    Both trucks had phenominal traction and handling for their time, when I bought it we lived in the San Francisco Bay area home to lots of exotic sports cars, we'd roll up in the Typhoon and the other sports car owners would start eyeballing it right away. Once in a while you'd get challenged by other sports cars on the highway but most of them would drive by and give you a big wave. I had a few decent trade offers for it but I couldnt use 2 seat sports cars because I had my daughter.
    Typhoons and Syclones were hard to find and buy, Typhoon production numbers for both years of were right around 4700 and Syclones were just under 3000 for one year of production.
    I only was able to get my Typhoon because I was willing to trade in my Syclone, the dealership had a buyer that ordered a Typhoon but wanted a Syclone, I knew some of the people at the dealership and they called and asked if I'd be interested in a trade.

    There wasnt anything under the hood of that truck that was shared by the rest of the S-10/S-15 line-up, it was a completely different chassis and drivetrain.
    The suspension wasnt a rehashed 4wd system, it was an all wheel drive system that ran full time with a tourque split of 35% (front wheels) 65% (r/r wheels), the engine was built with some parts from the V8 line and a lot of aftermarket parts. Mitsubishi, Garrett, Borg Warner all had parts in the truck and it wasnt built in the GM factory even though it was built and sold as a factory GM, they were built by Production Automotive Services of Troy Michigan, a separate branch of GM that tries to be independant.
    To try and build a truck like that, that would compare to the standards of today would be outrageously expensive.
    First on the agenda would be to modify the frame to work correctly with the Horsepower and handling characteristics required, then you'd need to build an engine capable of dependably offering a comparable HP output, then you'd need to design the chassis parts for handling, building a front drive axle that could handle that kind of HP full time on pavement, a modified transfer case would be needed to put the power where it needs to be, and finally putting the power to the pavement.
    There are of the shelf transmissions and engines that could be used for the build, r/r axles too, but transfer cases and IFS front axles that could do that job are few and far between.
    You might be able to build an imposter that looks the part but under the hood it wouldnt stand up to the challenge.
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    That little 4.8 is a bad azz motor. What would it have been like on a fresh 5.3?
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    kinda like using AMT and MPC model kits to build one super model. No , no ,no Caddi not Cheryl Tiegs.

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