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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by billjab, May 7, 2008.

  1. billjab

    billjab New Member

    has anyone else had a noise that occurs around 70 mph from wind on the passenger side of the windshield?

    04 silverado

    wondering if anyone knows how to fix it
  2. sheep

    sheep Rockstar 100 Posts

    i get a little on the driver side, not sure if its normal for a little, my other vehicles have done it too so it doesnt really bother me anymore, iv noticed that i get it more when i have a tail wind too so im thinking its the mirror
  3. hutch_pt

    hutch_pt Rockstar 100 Posts

    Do you have a bug deflector? My truck had no issues until I put it on, at which time the "popping" on the windshield began. I have been told that two-sided taped under the top trim on the windshield should take care of it. (Buddy's stepdad is a windshield installer, he suggested the tape)
  4. 08whitez71

    08whitez71 New Member

    I have the samy annoyance. I do have a bugshield and my windshield was just replaced due to a large piece of debris. It only does it above 70 mph.
  5. billjab

    billjab New Member

    im not exactly sure where to put the tape

    thanks for the feedback though
  6. hutch_pt

    hutch_pt Rockstar 100 Posts

    it goes between the windshield and the upper trim piece that runs along the top of the windshield. The noise is air getting under there. The bugshield changes the airflow over the truck, causing the air to get under there. As far as I am told anyways...
  7. jbf00sub

    jbf00sub New Member

    I worked for a Chevy dealer when the 99 silverado and 00 sub/tahoes came out. The windshield trim on the left and right sides of the glass gets air under it with certain speeds and/or crosswind and makes a popping or fluttering noise. If this is what you are hearing if you lift up on the trim on each side and put a bead of black rtv between the trim and glass and let it sit a couple hours the trim will stay adhered to the glass and noise will be gone. Good luck, it worked on my 00 Suburban.

  8. BajaMark

    BajaMark Member

    Are you guys talking about the trim on the interior left and right side, or the exterior weather striping on the right and left side? I have an early 2000 silverado with a bug deflector shield and my windshield makes the rattling noies at freeway speed. It almost sounds like its raining hard, or even hailing
  9. retired2001

    retired2001 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    I guess there are some things that make being over 60 not so bad. I cant' hear all the wind noises and rattles that some people do!
  10. hutch_pt

    hutch_pt Rockstar 100 Posts

    I was told that it was the exterior trim around the top of the windshield

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