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Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by Silverado1500, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. Silverado1500

    Silverado1500 New Member 100 Posts

    so i have the 5.3 silverado year 2000. the manual i have only gives the oil specs for 5.7 and the v6. but skipped the 5.3? so i was just wondering if the 5.3 takes 6 quarts or 5 quarts. thanks
  2. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber New Member 1000 Posts 100 Posts

    The 5.3 will take 5.7 litres of oil if you are also changing your filter
  3. DSM1500

    DSM1500 New Member

    it takes 6 quarts with filter change

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